CBD for Pets: Does it Really Work?
CBD is currently in the limelight for its broad range of healing effects in humans. It appears to be a remedy for most anything. In truth, it is not a panacea, but is does have many effects on health, all of which are positive. It can reduce anxiety, pain,... Read more


Pet June 9, 2017

Hot Sand, the glassblowing studio at the Jersey Shore, has launched Hot Paws; the fun, do-it-yourself kit for making a lasting, one-of-a-kind glass impression of your furry friend’s paw from the comfort of your own home. “We’ve been offering our signature QuickCast for hundreds of pet owners and their... Read more
How is your garden affecting your pet’s health? Findings from growbag and compost retailer, Compost Direct, found that 8% of dogs and cats have eaten poisonous plants or flowers, with 43% needing urgent care and 15% actually passing away. Take a look the infographic below to learn more about... Read more
Taking Proper Care of Your Pitbull Puppies
Even though pit bulls are wonderful family pets, they’ve had a bad rap throughout the country as a result of perceived aggressive behavior. The truth is that a number of dogs have been mistakenly identified as pit bulls when they are, in reality, unidentified mixed breeds or completely different... Read more
If you go on any social media site today, there’s a big chance that you will come across a photo or video of a cat. These cat memes have become so popular that there’s hardly a day when we don’t see (and chuckle or laugh) at them. But how... Read more
The Best Flea Treatments To Use For Your Pets
Even if your home and your pet is clean and spotless, fleas can still be a problem. How To Treat Fleas Treat your home and your pet if they have fleas. A flea can survive for months with a host. Keep your pets bedding clean and vacuum your home... Read more
Check These Tips For Puppy Proofing Your Home
Long before you bring a puppy home, you have to consider a few crucial aspects. A dog is a long-term commitment, often extending over a decade. You would need to make time for the new family member, without any excuses. If you look around, you will find many kennels... Read more
Modern Pet Ownership: The Best Apps to Help You Take Care of Your Pooch
Statistics estimate that up to a huge 47% of households in the US have a pet dog, with over 70 million dogs being pets. Commonly known as a ‘man’s best friend’ dogs are found in countless homes worldwide, with owners striving to give them the most loving care possible.... Read more
10 Ways To Stop Fleas Biting Your Pets
We love being outdoors with our pets, but we hate that they might get fleas because of it. So how can you keep your pets flea-free all year round? Here’s some tips you could use. Spot-on treatments – These treatments can cover the pets entire body, and are not... Read more
5 Fast Facts about Canna Pet Supplements in Detail!
Your pet’s wellbeing should be your prime concern, especially when it comes to choosing supplements and medicines for better health. If you follow the web, you must have heard about the use of CBD oil products for cats, dogs and other animals. Canna Pet is among the few companies... Read more