June 26, 2016


Get ready for Your Pet Sitter!

Whether you are a new comer to pet sitting and have had exactly the same great pet sitter for a long time, these five tips can help your pet sitting experience get better because of you, your pets, as well as your pet sitter.

1. Ask that your dog sitter phone you around the first visit. You need to make certain she or he began your dog sitting as arranged. Frankly, we are all human. It is possible that you simply were searching in the September calendar, and not the October calendar, whenever you gave your dog sitter your travel dates. Or maybe pet sitter was driving when she got your message to begin this Friday, and she or he accidentally authored lower next Friday. To prevent any chance of a miscommunication, ask that your dog sitter call for your first scheduled visit – if without other reason rather than just let you know she’s in your home, the spare key labored fine, as well as your pets do great. If you do not listen to your sitter around the first visit, then call the sitter or even the pet sitting company immediately. Don’t allow days pass before talking to your dog sitter.

2. Replenish your dog supplies prior to going out of town. Some pet sitters are pleased to visit your pet store that you should get pet food or litter, it might take a while based on their pet sitting schedule. You won’t want to risk your pets being without their normal make of food or their most favorite treats for lengthy. Plus, most pet sitting services charge $10 to $20 for that visit to the shop. If you’re running have less supplies and therefore are inside a hurry to get away from town, then provide your sitter a fast call several hrs before her scheduled trip to offer her additional time to obtain your supplies.

3. Omit a pen along with a new roll of sponges for the pet sitter… possibly even a pad of paper if you want some cute notes regarding your pets upon coming back home. I can not let you know the number of occasions I had been finished taking proper care of Fido and Fifi and it was prepared to write my pet care report after i recognized I left my pen within the vehicle… or inside my previous pet sitting visit. You do not need your sitter rummaging using your kitchen drawers searching for any pen, so leave a pen around the counter. You will have a nice report regarding your pets when you are getting home. Also, your sitter ought to be wiping your counters clean after preparing your dog’s food, and she or he ought to be eliminating your pet dishes, so omit a complete roll of sponges with this service. By doing this, you are able to steer clear of the chance that the best guest towels are utilized to dry and clean your dog bowl. Plus, watch out extra countertops cleaned!

4. Purchase a lamp timer and, if at all possible, leave the leading light on for the sitter. Light timers are an easy way to supply a resided-in review your home when you’re away. You are able to set the timer to possess lights continue from, say, 7:00 to 11:00pm, certainly inside the time period your sitter is going to be in your home for that evening visit. A great idea only for the safety of your house, but it’s also very useful for the sitter. It’s really a daunting task entering a house without any porch light on with no lights on inside, particularly if Fido listens to you rattling your keys in front door looking for the keyhole. If he will get too upset, your dog sitter could have a harder time entering your house. In case your first scheduled pet sitting visit reaches night, then leave your front porch light on for the sitter he’ll be more than pleased to power it down as he leaves for that evening.

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