January 2017

Pet Care

Teach Your Child about Proper Pet Care

It is often said that dogs can teach kids a lot about responsibility, but why is this? When we invest in puppies or older dogs for our children, we rarely think about the long-term consequences and how the dogs will educate our children. Most of the time, it is about having fun and finding an outlet for our children’s youthful energy. In some cases, it is likely because the children have pestered their parents for a pet. So, what can a dog teach our children about life?

Your Dog Is a Wise Animal

Recent studies in dog behaviour and cognition strongly suggest that our dogs are much smarter than we give them credit for. Rather than simply being furry playthings for our children, they are highly adapted to their environment and understand us more than we think they do. In fact, dogs are the only other animal species on the planet apart from humans that can read and interpret human body language without being trained.

Dogs live moment to moment and are highly social creatures. Their sociability and adaptability makes them ideal companions for children because they seek out the company of children. More recent studies in dog behaviour even suggest that dogs play with each other using a strict code of conduct. At first, this may seem obvious, but having any kind of moral or behavioural code also suggests that dogs are aware of themselves and are conscious creatures rather than just reactive instinctual ones.

So, what can your dog teach your child? Consider the following:

  • Being present: Because your dog lives in the moment, it can teach a child, and the rest of us, that being present is the key to enjoying life. We know that dogs live in the moment because of their emotional adaptability. They are emotionally robust and flexible and don’t tend to dwell on things, unlike us.
  • Responsibility: Even though your dog is highly adaptable, every domesticated dog will depend on you for food, comfort, and shelter. These responsibilities are important for your child to understand and will inevitably teach him or her about what it means to take care of another sentient being.

Teaching Your Child to Be Caring

It is important for every child with a dog to understand how to care for him or her properly. This is not only practical for the dog but will also teach your child the value and necessity of taking responsibility into adulthood. By taking care of a dog, your child learns to step outside of himself or herself and see the world through another point of view.

One way to teach this sort of responsibility is to have your child feed the dog on a weekly basis. He or she will learn about the value of premium dog food and meeting the needs of another living being. It is also useful for your child to learn to walk the dog on a lead and learn to control the dog as they are walking. This will teach your dog to respect your child as an important part of the pack and will also teach your child what it means to exercise the dog and take care of him or her.

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Pet Care

Tips on Buying a Fish Tank

Having a small aquarium in your house could add a beautiful touch to the interior décor of the place. Fish make fantastic pets. All you have to do is feed them properly and make sure that you are careful about replacing the water every now and then. Many different varieties of fish are available nowadays that can add colour to your aquarium and make it look as unique as possible.

Many enthusiasts get their fish imported from different parts of the globe. Whether you want to keep a Betta or a simple goldfish, having an aquarium is a fantastic idea. However, for someone who is looking to buy a fish tank for the first time, it can be quite difficult to find the right one. Here are a few important tips that you should keep in mind when buying a new tank.

Consider Your Requirements

Fish tanks are available in a multitude of different sizes. Before you make a purchase, the first thing that you should do is think about your requirements. How big of a tank do you want to buy? Do you want a small tank that is portable and affixed on a trolley, or do you want a large tank set up in a fixed position within the house?

Wall to wall aquariums are available as well, but these are going to cost a small fortune. There are several things that you need to think about. First of all, a big aquarium will naturally cost more money. It will also require much more maintenance as opposed to a smaller one. Do consider your needs before you start checking out different tanks.

Readymade or Custom

You can either purchase a readymade fish tank or one that is custom designed based on your requirements. Now, obviously, readymade tanks are cheaper. They are available in several different sizes, and you can buy them through any local company that offers tanks and fishes for sale. However, if you have specific requirements about the kind of tank you want, you will need to get it custom made from a private company. You will need to pay a small amount in advance and the rest will be paid on delivery.

Other Additions

Simply getting the tank made is not enough. You will need to add a range of decorative enhancements to the tank in order to make it look visually appealing. You will need to buy stones and artificial plants, along with other decorative enhancements. You will also have to install filters and water pumps in the tank in order to ensure that the quality of water is not affected. Make sure you get an estimate from several places first before you place an order for a fish tank from any company within the region.

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10 Ways To Stop Fleas Biting Your Pets

We love being outdoors with our pets, but we hate that they might get fleas because of it. So how can you keep your pets flea-free all year round? Here’s some tips you could use.

  1. Spot-on treatments – These treatments can cover the pets entire body, and are not affected by water. They kill and repeal fleas for several weeks before you need to reapply the treatment. Always read the label, and choose one that is suitable for your pets age and size.
  2. Oral medication – Using flea control tables will help in conjunction with spot-on treatments.
  3. Flea shampoo – Bathing your pets with specially medicated shampoo will kill fleas on contact, and will protect your pets during flea season. You will need to repeat the process more often, because they don’t last as long as medication and spot-on treatments.
  4. Flea collar – Flea collars effectiveness depends on how much the collar makes contact with your pets skin.
  5. Flea dip – This is not like a shampoo bath, so you won’t have to rinse off your pet after applying the dip product to your pets skin. These products are very potent, so always ask your vet if a flea dip is the right treatment for your pet.
  6. Powders and sprays – This is an inexpensive method of repelling fleas, although you will have to reapply them more often.
  7. Clean the house – If you have a flea infestation, you need to thoroughly clean the house daily until the situation is under control. Vigilant vacuuming will remove flea eggs and reduce the population of fleas in your house. If the problem persists, call the pest control experts.
  8. Sprays and foggers – These will kill adult fleas and eggs, but you may want to hire a professional exterminator to spray the house properly instead.
  9. Flea traps – Sticky pads are laid on the floor, and fleas become attached. This eliminates adult fleas from your home.
  10. Clear the garden – Keeping your garden consistently trimmed back will reduce the population of fleas around your home.

A vigilant pest insect control routine that is well maintained will keep your pets safe from fleas in your home.

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Five Reasons You Need to Hire a Dog Walker

If you have a pet, especially a dog, you might find surprises when you get home after a long day at work. The surprises can often be unpleasant, such as a turned-over trash can or chewed-up shoes. This is usually caused by boredom, which is one of the reasons you need to hire a dog walker. Here are five benefits of hiring someone to walk your dog when you’re at work.

Keeps Dogs Healthier

Dogs need regular exercise to remain healthy and happy, so hiring a dog walker will ensure that they get the exercise they need. It will help maintain a healthy weight, which can prevent diseases such as diabetes, respiratory issues, and problems with their joints. It will also help younger pups release some of the pent-up energy they may have from staying in the house or yard all day while you’re gone.

Provides Socialisation

Dogs are pack animals so they are used to being around other dogs instead of being on their own like cats. If you hire a dog walker, he or she can ensure that your pet will be around other dogs, especially when he or she takes it to a dog park for a run. It also helps it to be stimulated by all the different dogs and their owners it may meet and the sights and scents it will get to experience during its outings.

Saves Time

For people with both family and work responsibilities, it is often hard to find 20 or 30 minutes to walk the dog. Even if they do walk it on a regular schedule before or after work, they usually don’t have free time during the day to go home, walk the dog, and return to work. Hiring a dog walker saves time for them and it provides your pet with company during the day.

Improves Behaviour

A regular walk will keep your pet occupied and tire it out, which can stop destructive behaviours while you’re gone. A dog, especially a puppy, has energy to spare, so you will be more likely to come home to chewed-up shoes and furniture if your dog is left alone to its own devices day after day. Some dog walkers may also be able to train dogs so they will learn better behaviours, such as heeling when they walk so they can be better controlled when you walk them.

Peace of Mind

My spouse found a dog walker in Neutral Bay, so now we can rest easier knowing the dog has company while we’re away. If you’re running late from work, you don’t have to worry about finding messes in the house as it will do its business when out for a walk. It also lets you rest assured that your dog is getting the exercise it needs to remain happy and healthy for several years to come.

If you’re worried about your pet being home alone for several hours a day, hire a dog walker to pick it up for a jaunt to the park so it can have fun.

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5 Fast Facts about Canna Pet Supplements in Detail!

Your pet’s wellbeing should be your prime concern, especially when it comes to choosing supplements and medicines for better health. If you follow the web, you must have heard about the use of CBD oil products for cats, dogs and other animals. Canna Pet is among the few companies that credited for making genuine hemp-used products for animals that are completely safe for use. Before you look for Canna Pet Review, here are some of the quick facts you need to know.

  1. Canna Pet makes whole-plant products, which are designed for dogs, cats and other animals. This is a completely safe option for pets and can be used alongside all kinds of other medications and diets. The products from Cannapet are free of animal products and preservatives and are completely vegan.
  2. Canna Pet offers both liquids and capsules that are known to work instantly for dogs, faster than a lot of oher options in the market. The products from the company have been studied by major veterinary journals and universities and found to be useful.
  3. All the products contain a vast range of phytochemicals, including over two dozens of cannabinoids and terpenes beyond CBD. Recommended by vets around the world and covered by some of the leading pet insurers, the products are completely safe for use.
  4. The products from Canna Pet are non-psychoactive and are not medical marijuana, contrary to what most people believe. The company only uses organic and non-gmo hemp from leading suppliers in Europe, and the products are manufactured in the USA. One can get access to Canna Pet supplements minus a prescription, and the purchase is completely legal. Special attention has been taken for the formulation, complete done in USA phytochemistry laboratories.
  5. The use of Canna Pet products extends to a number of conditions, including anxiety, arthritis, allergies, cancer, digestive issues, seizures and inflammation. In many cases, the product can be used for relief from pain and homeostasis. It must be noted that the products have been studied by leading universities and journals and the results have been extremely positive.

There are some amazing websites, like, where one can find detailed reviews of Canna Pet. Try understanding the use and dosage before you use any medical supplement and make sure that the manufacturer is a known one, just like Canna Pet. Your pet often needs a little more than medication, and you can look for that in this brand!


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Benefits of Dog Insurance You Didn’t Know About

If you love your dog, you probably want it to have a happy life. For a dog, a happy life means a healthy one. If you get pleasure out of taking good care of your pup, you might be interested in insurance for your dog. You might already know some of the benefits covered by insurance for your dog. For instance, you might know that medical and vet visits are covered, usually accompanied with low copays and other ways for you to save money in the event of an emergency, such as if your dog needs surgery or even breaks a leg and needs a cast.

However, you might not know that insurance for your dog can also cover a lot of other things. If you’re on the fence about insurance for your dog, you should know about these kinds of benefits so that you can take advantage of them by taking out an insurance policy that covers things that can really help you and your pup stay happy and healthy.


Did you know that in some cases, pet insurance in Australia can cover boarding and kennel expenses? Now, while these boarding costs might have to be related to surgeries and other medical things, for instance if your pet needs to stay with the vet for a few days for observation, you can still get these boarding costs covered at least partially, and in some cases you don’t have to worry about paying at all for the cost of keeping your dog at the vet for a few days when needed.

Tick Treatment

Dogs love to run around in the grass, and sometimes they can pick up ticks on their legs. Ticks are harmful bugs because they can hurt your pup and make it feel sick. However, some insurance policies can actually cover tick treatment up to a certain amount so that in the instance that your dog needs to be treated because it picked up a tick on the leg or the belly, you won’t have to worry about the money.

Cover for Travel

Suppose you take a trip to New York or Europe and you need to bring your dog with you. What happens if your dog gets sick or injured while you’re overseas or out of the country? You might not know what to do, and you’re already spending a lot of money to travel, so it can be stressful if something like this happens while you’re far away from the local vet. Fortunately, some insurance policies actually cover vet bills while you’re overseas or out of the country. In some cases, they’ll cover as much as 80% of your vet bills so you don’t have to worry about being broke because your dog is sick while you’re away from home.

These kinds of insurance are great to have, and if you are interested in getting insurance for your dog, you should get online and check out local Australian plans that can give you and your dog all of these benefits and more.

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