March 2017


An In-Depth Look at the History of Cat Memes – and Why they are so Popular Today

If you go on any social media site today, there’s a big chance that you will come across a photo or video of a cat. These cat memes have become so popular that there’s hardly a day when we don’t see (and chuckle or laugh) at them. But how did these cat photos and texts become so popular? How did it all begin? Here’s an in-depth look at the history of cat memes – and why they are so popular today.

Photos of cats on the Internet: the history

It all started when people began sharing photos and images of their cats on the Internet as far back as 1992. A newsgroup called ‘rec.pets.cats’ was formed then, and it offered cat owners the chance to share advice on how to raise cats. But it was only in the late 90’s as well as early 2000’s that Internet users had a bigger chance of sharing cat photos due to better digital cameras and personal blog sites. Japan is a pioneer in this, as it is a country where cats as pets have always been preferred.

In the Western world, photos and images of cats became popular through various sites and blogs dedicated to cats, such as MyCatHatesYou and Infinite Cat Project. But it was only in 2006 that the cat meme phenomenon exploded with the help of sites such as LOLCats. YouTube also made cat videos a lot more popular at this time. The popularity of cat memes on the Internet have even resulted in a few notable articles, including an article in TIME magazine entitled ‘A Day without Cats on the Internet.’ Another article by popular website Mashable, entitled ‘Why does the Web Love Cats?,’ basically sealed the deal.

Cat memes

There are so many cat memes on the Internet that we can’t possibly mention them all. But there are some cat memes that are instantly recognisable and have an enduring popularity. Some of these cat memes include Boozecats, which is actually a meme using photoshopped images of cats over booze or alcoholic drinks. Instead of holding a beer or a glass of wine, a person can be photoshopped holding a cat instead.

Other cat memes include the Ceiling Cat (usually with a text or caption, such as ‘I am watching you’ included), Hipster Kitty or Hipster Cat, which features a cat wearing a hoodie of a lavender colour and a pair of glasses. The Hipster Kitty is often accompanied by a caption, ranging from ‘Send me the link to the blog you posted….about me’ and ‘Go to show….fold arms and remain still.’

If you want to create your own cat memes, the good news is you can easily do so today, thanks to a kitty meme creator found online. Just come up with your own catchy text or phrase, and your meme can be the latest Internet sensation.

Image attributed to Ben Schonewille/

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Pet Care

How Ticks Impact Your Pets Health

Ticks are a very common parasite that can infest your home and garden. We can find them anywhere from woods to parks. Every year, thousands of pets become infected with serious diseases that are transmitted by ticks. Diseases that are tick borne are ehrlichiosis, Lyme diseases, anaplasmosis and others.

Because of these dangers ticks can do to your pets, you need to prevent them as much as possible. Here are some top tips for you and your pet to avoid ticks.

  1. Wear suitable clothing that covers your legs and skin. Wearing shorts in a tick nest is an invitation for you to be bitten.
  2. Insect repellents can be used on your clothing and skin.
  3. Have a tick removal tool with you, and some antiseptic wipes just in case.
  4. When walking your dog, stick to the paths and avoid the vegetation where ticks could be hiding.
  5. Check your pets frequently to see if they have any ticks.
  6. Deter ticks from your garden. Keeping litter and clutter to a minimum, your grass short, foliage cut back and seating and play equipment away from the borders will lessen your chances of a tick problem.
  7. Use tick control products on your pets to keep them free from them.
  8. Treat your pets collar and other accessories with tick repellents too.
  9. Groom your pets thoroughly, checking all through their fur and also in their ears and eyes. You should also check on the chin and around the muzzle, as well as on your pets feet.
  10. Don’t let ticks come into your home. Take off any coats before you come indoors. Ticks can survive a cycle in the washing machine and for a short time in the dryer. So watch out!

One of the pest ways to treat and prevent ticks is to have a professional pest controller check out your property. Empire Pest Control Ltd offer free site surveys, and can offer pest treatments and advice on pest prevention for the future. I swear by them, and booked in my site survey on their website. It’s better to keep your pets tick free if you want them to remain healthy and happy for many years to come.

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The Best Flea Treatments To Use For Your Pets

Even if your home and your pet is clean and spotless, fleas can still be a problem.

How To Treat Fleas

  • Treat your home and your pet if they have fleas. A flea can survive for months with a host.
  • Keep your pets bedding clean and vacuum your home regularly. This will help to destroy the fleas at each stage of their life.
  • Throw away the dust collected from your vacuum after each hoovering session.
  • Give your pet a flea treatment that has been recommended for them. There are a lot of different products out there that may not be suitable for your pet, so get a vets advice.
  • Regularly groom your pets with a flea comb to make sure all of the fleas and eggs have been removed.

Problems Fleas Can Cause

  • Fleas will make you and your pet really uncomfortable and itchy.
  • Pets and humans can be sensitive to flea saliva, which causes an allergic reaction.
  • Fleas feed on your pets blood. If you have a young or frail animal they can die from the blood loss.
  • If your pet eats a flea that has been infected with tapeworm, it then becomes the host to a whole new parasite. When you find out your pet has fleas you should treat them for worms also to be on the safe side.
  • Fleas carry a whole host of diseases, which they will pass on to your pets.

Fleas are very tenacious and can be very bad for yours and your pets health. If you are serious about treating fleas, you need to take repeated action over a few months to really get rid of them. If the gentler solutions aren’t working, then it’s time to get serious.

Another way of getting rid of a flea infestation in your home is to call in the professional pest controllers. I periodically use Catch It Pest Control to treat my pets bedding and carpets for fleas. They always solve the problem of fleas in a few treatments, and also tend to stop infestations from happening again for long periods of time.

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The Benefits of Dog Fever Treatment at Home

Dog Fever Treatment at Home – Overview

In cases similar to this, you have to begin treating the dog immediately as the fever might already be high. Additionally, dogs with bad hygiene are at higher chance of pyoderma. Then in the event the dog gets better the normal diet might be reintroducing gradually during the next few days. This is generally whenever the dog is about to mate. Affected dogs may slim down, despite having a decent appetite, and they could drink more and urinate more. Dogs at the beach also need to be permitted to rest at frequent intervals as a way to stop extra fluid loss and overheating.

Dog Fever Treatment at Home Secrets That No One Else Knows About

Let’s see a number of the organic remedies for treatment of this cough. Treatment contains replenishing calcium levels. It mainly consists of dietary changes and in the case of large stones, surgical removal. Most folks would rather have an organic treatment to do away with scabies. You should supply the suitable treatment for kennel cough and suitable medications to lessen the signs. There’s a conventional medication you may use for your dogs. Should isn’t, the veterinary doctor has to analyze the dog.


Following are a few remedies to assist a dog’s anal glands. Tumours, ulcers, and polyps might become visible. As soon as it’s created by liver it’s stored in the gallbladder and mainly is composed of 85% water, 3% mucus and one% fats and a few salts. Sometimes, blood in the stools might be caused by stress.

Most rabies vaccination failures are the result of a failure to follow the vaccination protocol. Unfortunately, more times than not the cause may stay unknown (idiopathic).  This affliction is diagnosed depending on the signs and physical examination. There are many dog health conditions that might lead to dogs to drink excessively.

The signs of a dog fever might not be sufficient to detect its level. The severe kind comprises canine flu symptoms which include a superior fever and symptoms of the first stages of pneumonia. Vomiting isn’t a condition, rather it is a symptom. Bile vomiting could possibly be also the result of a huge atrray of different problems like the presence of toxins, liver disease, infectious diseases, liver issues, pesky parasites, abrupt dietary modifications, allergies, stress and more. In case the fever is too large, it’s advisable to elect for veterinary treatment to lower it. You’re able to also to cut back the fever. Fever in dogs is an exceedingly important indication of ill-health and shouldn’t be ignored.

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The New Angle On Dog Fever Treatment at Home Just Released

The tail could possibly be kept low. It’s the human body’s natural method to re-hydrate itself. It might even help you shed weight! This diet has to be offered 2-3 times each day in little meals. Sometimes, supplements could be given depending on your veterinarian’s suggestion. In cases like this, an excessive amount of calcium is being produced.

Sometimes, the mucus appears white. Most commonly, it’s a physiological indication of an inflammation or internal infection. Because pancreatitis is more prevalent in older, overweight dogs, seeing your chubby pet reaches a wholesome weight is totally required to prevent another incidence. Some time back it was thought to be brought about by a bacterial infection. The virus can be readily transported by the dog’s paws around the house, but in addition it might be found also on the operator’s shoes, clothes etc.. Additionally, correct vaccination of the dog and normal disinfection of the kennel is advised to stop kennel cough.

Permethrin cream 5-10% is easily the most frequent treatment prescribed by doctors. For instance, healthy, meat-based nutritious food, flea preventative, appropriate hygiene, and excellent genetics are a fantastic beginning to prevent pyodermas. Becoming conscious of your form and keeping very good hygiene is part of the treatment too.

Know about your pet’s habits and the signals of zinc toxicity as it may save their existence. It is likewise advisable to wear long sleeved shirts. A seen, the organic home remedy of a bland diet might be therefore beneficial oftentimes, however there are those circumstances that need immediate vet attention. Listed here are some common signs of dog fever. The exact same may occur if he’s nervous of fearful about something. You need to, therefore, use a rectal thermometer to get your dog’s temperature. You can earn use of wild cherry tea, tincture, or syrups which are available on the market.

Frequently, the origin of the pain isn’t obvious, and it might demand a physical examination or an x-ray. It moves the cold energy via your body very fast. Sometimes, very low thyroid levels can cause vestibular disease problems. You will need it to look at your dog’s temperature. Need more suggestions visit: What can I give my dog for pain? 

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Check These Tips For Puppy Proofing Your Home

Long before you bring a puppy home, you have to consider a few crucial aspects. A dog is a long-term commitment, often extending over a decade. You would need to make time for the new family member, without any excuses. If you look around, you will find many kennels offering puppies for sale Boca Raton.  Once you find the right puppy to match your energy levels, the next step is about proofing the house. Puppies, irrespective of their breed, tend to be full of energy and curiosity. Unless you want trouble, keep a check on the tips below.

  • Eliminate trash. Puppies often look for things to play, and most of them would love to sniff trash cans and diaper bins. Make sure that everything is hidden in cabins with secure locks. Avoid anything that’s remotely edible, and don’t keep canisters or bottles in which the pup can put his head.
  • Check for electronic items. If you have loose wires and electronic gadgets on the floor, you might want to call an electrician to get them removed. In the teething phase, a pup can chew almost anything he finds, and you need to ensure that he isn’t around the wires or devices can cause a shock.

  • Keep loose things away. In many homes, bookshelves, craft supplies, and toys are kept close to the floor. Apart from sniffing, your puppy can pull out things you expect the least. The last thing you would want is a torn book. Take your time to keep baskets, bags, and books out of the way.
  • Hide your supplies and medicines. Cleaning agents, when swallowed, can be deadly for your pup. Check your home completely to find such supplies that are within reach. You also need to keep an eye on medicine boxes and toiletries.

  1. Close the staircases. You may need to buy a few small gates to restrict the entry of the puppy. You may find such small barriers on online stores, or else, local carpenters can customize the size to meet your door and staircase size.
  2. Don’t keep foods around. A lot of human foods are dangerous for dogs, including chocolate, onion, garlic and alcohol. Before bringing the dog home, take a look at all the possible places where you or your kid might keep food items.
  3. Check your furniture. Your new puppy will run around the room, and it is wise to check his movement ground. If you have rocking chairs or furniture with pointed legs and corners, you might want to remove them for a while. Remove carpets as you are likely to see more of pee and poop.

Finally, keep some time to monitor your puppy, at least for the first four weeks.  It may take a while to teach the basic commands, and unless you are consistent with your efforts, the whole training process can go wrong. If required, take the help of a professional trainer. You will also find a lot of resources online for understanding smaller aspects.

Author Bio – Luke Durante is known for his experience with different dog breed. As a renowned dog behavior expert, he has also worked with many blogs and websites.

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Luxury Dog Houses

If your dog spends a lot of time out in the backyard, you’ll likely be needing to get him a dog house at some point. You could decide to save a few bucks and get a cheap one at Petco or Walmart. Or if you’re skilled with your hands you even build one on your own. But if you really want to get a dog house that will actually look cool sitting in your backyard rather than looking like an eyesore, consider opting for a luxury dog house. There are several styles on the market, some if which include:

Fancy Dog Houses

Anyone who has done any time of google searches on fancy dog houses or luxury dog houses has likely come across Paris Hilton’s dog mansion. Its a two-story, air-conditioned, designer furniture-decorated, heated, and black
crystal chandelier-boasting miniature mansion for her chihuahuas. As nice as this is, most of us do not have $325,000 to spend on a dog house, or even have $325,000. Luckily for the rest of us there’s other fancy dog houses out there which are more obtainable. These tend to be made with premium craftsmanship and materials, and often boast details and amenities for dogs which are considered luxury rather than necessity.

Modern Dog Houses

These contemporary dog houses take on the style traits of mid century modern design, such as clean lines, striking colors, a high use of white, a high use or acrylics and lacquered woods, futuristic shapes, etc. These are all considered luxury because like fancy dog houses, they also are made of premium materials and craftsmanship. This stylish style of doghouse is perfect for those who’s home are of modern or minimalist design. A great example of one of these pieces of modern dog furniture is Bowhouse which is a cube shaped house taking on the architecture of the Bauhaus movement of the early 1900’s in Germany which spawned the era of mid century modern design.

Unique Dog Houses

Over time, after so many dog houses are made and introduced to the market, they start to resemble each other, just like any other product out there. This is what makes unique styled dog houses so sought after, to get that look which hasn’t been seen before. A favorable type of unique dog house is themed style. These take on the representation of something else. An example is the Tahiti dog house. This creative piece of pooch furniture was designed by Designer Dog Houses and takes the shape and look of a tropical hut as you would find in out in the Pacific, equipped with yellow walls, bamboo posts and a straw roof. Another example of a themed style is Zulu Hut. This fancy indoor dog house is dome shaped and looks like a hut you’d find in the African woodlands, ironically it’s also made in South Africa.

Indoor Dog Houses

Many indoor dog houses would also be considered luxury doghouses. A big reason for this is they are a luxury to begin with, rather than a necessity like outdoor dog houses are. Dogs could definitely get by without having a house indoors. Spa big reason for purchasing these in to not only spoil a pet but to enhance the decor of a living room or bedroom. These also tend to be quite a bit cheaper than outdoor dog houses too, since they tend to be for smaller dogs. And since they are often bought for their look, people who usually buy indoor dog houses buy those with a fancy, stylish look. Scandinavia is a great example of an indoor dog house which is both fancy looking and not too expansive, at least by luxury standards. This cool looking doghouse has a bright green color, small frame, contemporary design, and is imported from Russia!

With so many options out there now, when not condor splurging a little on a luxury dog house? It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. If you shop around you’re sure to find some great options which are quality made and look awesome but which won’t break the bank. You’re dog will be the envy of he neighborhood, and if you stumble onto something pretty cool and amazing, you’ll quite possibly be the envy of the neighborhood as well!

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