January 2018


Safe and Natural Flea Treatments for Pets

Removing fleas from our beloved pets can be stressful as some treatments carry harmful substances. The Environmental Protection Agency released important findings from a 5-year study and indicated that many flea and tick treatments had caused illnesses and even the deaths of pets. Chemicals such as propoxur and tetrachlorvinphos commonly found in flea products also pose threat to children. Your whole family might be in danger. When your dog rubs his flea collar on your couch, the chemicals are transferred, thus exposing everyone in the household to health risks.

Pet retailers, service providers, pet parents, and veterinarians should be wary when using flea treatments. Pyrethroids, which are found in most insect control products, are toxic to cats and should only be used on dogs. Because so many flea solutions are toxic, there’s a need for natural, organic, and safe products.  Stringent labeling has also been imposed to the manufacturers of pet products.

There are multiple flea treatment products ranging from flea collar, supplements, shampoo, combs, carpets, wipes, pet bedding treatments, powder and many more.

  1. One natural product available in the market is the Nexgard’s soft beef-flavored chewable flea and tick preventative product. You can buy this from here: This chewable tablet is DFA approved and proven safe for your pet dog. It has an afoxolaner, which is a natural ingredient that helps treat and control fleas for a full 30 days.

  1. Another natural way to repel fleas is by giving your pet TickLess Pet Ultrasonic Flea & Tick Pendant, a completely natural device that repels pests by transmitting harmless ultrasound impulses.

  1. The Zodiac Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs, Puppies, Cats, and Kittens is also a safe treatment for fleas. This preventative treatment has s-methoprene, which is a chemical effective against developing insects and kills flea and tick eggs for up to two months.

Safe and natural components to look for in a flea treatment include the following:

  • Brewer’s yeast

These are supplements which are rich in Omega fatty acids, vitamin B, and antioxidants that not only improve health but also repel insects away.

  • Diatomaceous Earth

A powdery substance composed of the fossilized remains of marine life containing mineral elements of silica reported to have amazing effects on pets, people, and the planet.

  • Essential oils

Some essential oils may be harmful to your pets, so do your research properly before using products with these oils. Lavender and eucalyptus may cause allergies to some pets while pennyroyal is believed to cause seizures and even deaths. Safe oils include tea tree oil, peppermint, lemongrass, geranium or cedar.

Holistic approaches and natural remedies are also now being administered to treat fleas. Pet health care providers recommend that pets be fed with natural products rich in nutrients. More specifically, they should not take grains such as corn, wheat, and soy. Exposing your pets to a healthy lifestyle will help develop their immune system, making them less susceptible to pests.

Using natural insect control methods is still one of the most recommended ways to treat fleas. Wash pet bedding regularly, bathe your pet, clean the surroundings, and use flea combs to catch fleas then drown them in water.

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The Benefits of Pet Insurance

Whether or not you take out a pet insurance policy is often one of cost. No one likes to feel as if they’re paying money for nothing, which you may feel is the case if you never use your policy. Our stance is difference, we feel that you should also prepare for the worst eventuality.

To further furnish our point, we are going to use this article to explain the benefits of taking out a pet insurance policy and outline exactly why they are a good idea.

Another Insurance Policy

Pet insurance is one of the fastest growing types of insurance in Australia. More and more pet owners are being made aware that such a product exists, and when they see what is on offer, they usually take out a policy of their own.

That said, there are still some pet owners out there that simply don’t know what pet insurance is or what it covers. The figures suggest that 10% of visits to the vet result in animals being put down because their owners couldn’t afford the bill – this statistic could be dramatically reduced if more owners bought suitable insurance cover.

It is also said that 1 in 3 pets will require emergency veterinary care, each and every year.

Will My Pet Be Covered for Everything?

That would depend entirely on your policy. Some are more comprehensive than others, allowing owners to tailor the insurance they buy to their pet’s needs. Generally speaking, the more you pay, the more cover you will receive with the most comprehensive policies even covering your cat or dog for routine treatment such as vaccinations or worming tablets.

If your pet spends a lot of time outside, we would always recommend accidental injury cover as a bare minimum. If your pet is run over or falls from a tree, this type of policy could end up saving you thousands of dollars in vet bills.

A List of Benefits

To assist in highlighting just how much a suitable policy could benefit you, we have listed a number of headline points which will hopefully sway you in the right direction:

  • Allows pet owners to save money in the event of injury or illness
  • Gives pet owners the power not to have to choose between their financial stability and their pets life.
  • Will allow pet owners to focus on their pet’s health rather than the cost of their care.
  • Increases the treatment options available to your pet, necessary if your pet were to develop a terminal illness such as cancer.

Locate Your Suitable Policy

The higher the risk of your pet to illness, the more you stand to benefit. Pet insurance is absolutely necessary for older pets and those with pre-existing conditions. The policy premium may cost you more but you will likely always save money in the long run and avert the need to have your pet put to sleep prematurely. Simply perform a web search and find a policy suitable for your loved one.

If your pet were to become ill, you won’t even notice the cost of the premium, leaving you to concentrate on getting your pet better.

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5 Pet Friendly Hotels In Seattle

There are many travllers who enjoy taking to the road with their pets. The great thing about dogs is that they love to travel, and taking an RV rental adventure with man’s best friend can significantly enhance the journey for the owner. Not only can you take your dog or dogs hiking with you but you will have a fine companion for camping and while on the road as well. The Pacific Northwest is one of the top spots in the country for road trips, offering unique terrain, thousands of miles of wilderness, and great towns and cities to explore. There’s no doubt that if you are on a Pacific Northwest trip you will find yourself in the Seattle area since this is the arrest metropolis in the region. Should you be looking to stay in the Seattle area and have a dog with you, then check out these pet friendly places to stay.

The Maxwell Hotel

The Maxwell has the perfect location for exploring Seattle. This well-known hotel is located within just a short drive of all the main neighborhoods in the city. You are only minutes from the Space Needle many hip neighborhoods featuring great shopping, dining, coffee shops, and a whole lot more. Each guest at the Maxwell can bring their dog for just a $20 daily fee. This is a very reasonable rate, so if you need a comfortable hotel right in the heart of the action where you dog will be welcomed, then definitely check out the Maxwell.

Hyatt House

If you’re looking for something with a downtown location, then the Hyatt is for you. This hotel is known to be comfortable and well maintained, with great services and an unbelievable location. The Hyatt puts you right in the heart of the downtown and all the action it has to offer. Dogs under 50 pounds are always welcome and there is no fee involved. All you have to do is let the front desk person know when you are checking in and your dog will be fully welcomed here at this well-rated hotel.

Belltown Inn

The Belltown is known as a great boutique hotel with cheaper rates and wonderful service. For guests staying on the first floor of the establishment, any type of dog is fully welcomed. Please note that there is a $200 deposit that will have to be coughed up when signing in, but this is fully refunded to you when you check out. The Belltown is within short drives of most of the major neighborhoods in the city and is a fine place to pull up your RV rental and enjoy a few days in Seattle with your dog. Just remember to call ahead to make sure a first floor vacancy is available.

Hilton Homewood Suites

Another great downtown hotel, the Hilton Homewood Suites features am amazing location that puts guests right in the heart of the action. No matter what you’re looking to do or see in Seattle can be accessed easily from the Homewood. Dogs are indeed welcome, but keep in mind that there is a $75 fee that is non-refundable. But if you are looking for a downtown hotel with great service that is pet friendly and affordable, then this one just may be your best bet. The Homewood fills up quick, so make sure to book ahead.

The Edgewater Inn

This hotel is absolutely legendary and is one of the most unique establishments in the Pacific Northwest. If you get a room on the water, you will have the opportunity to fish in the Puget Sound right from your hotel balcony. The hotel has a long and colorful history of celebrities and tock bands making it home while on tour, and had been featured in many travel shows and magazines. Even better, you can check your dog in as well for absolutely no fee. The Edgewater has great service, is well-maintained, and promotes a lively and colorful atmosphere. Just the water views alone are enough to sell it, but when you add in the great service and the storied history, you have a great place to stay and a great story to tell.

Travelling the Pacific Northwest with your dog isn’t just about hiking, fishing, and climbing. You can visit the big cities as well, with the biggest city, Seattle, offering many options for hotels that are dog friendly. If you are planning an RV rental journey that will be taking you through the Seattle area, then you should definitely make a reservation in one of these pet friendly hotels. Where you choose to stay is a matter of taste, location, and budget, so do your research and come up with the pet friendly hotel that works best for you and your do when in the Seattle area.

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Pet Care

Things You Need to Know About Bengal Kittens Before Raising One

Bengal kittens are unique. They are fiercer, tougher and stronger. They are not your ordinary cats at home. Therefore, if you want a challenge as a pet owner, they are a great choice. The most important thing you need to know is that they are directly descended from wild cats. This is why they are tougher than other domestic cats. Here is some more information you need to know about them before you decide that you want one as a pet.

Their generation determines their traits

There are different cross breeds of Bengal cats. They can be 50% domestic and 50% Asian leopard cat. They are known as an F1 cross. They can also be an F2 cross, which come from 2 F1 crosses. The number that follows the F determines how closely they are related to their wild heritage. Those that are closer are more expensive. They are also wilder and more harmful as they retain most of the traits of their ancestors.

They can be noisy

Cats produce noise all the time. Bengal cats are even noisier. They tend to “talk” to their owners. They also make noise if they feel like they are being ignored. It is a challenge having them at home if you are also raising a baby. If you are used to this kind of noise, it won’t be an issue.

They can be prolific hunters

They have a high level of success in every kill. It can happen several times in one night. Again, this has something to do with their origin. They love to be outdoors all the time. It is challenging to keep them at home and avoid them hunting just about any prey they can find.

They can be high maintenance

These cats demand love and attention. You need to have a lot of time to spend with them if you are to make them pets. They love following you around. They even yell for attention. Sometimes, this can drive you crazy especially if you have a lot of other things to attend to.

They can be filled with energy

As they are taller and more athletic, they tend to be very energetic. When they are not sleeping, they love walking around, hunting or demanding activities from you. If left inside the house, expect lots of broken items the following day.

This information does not mean you have to turn down the idea of owning Bengal kittens. You just have to be careful when making this decision so you can be fully prepared. Otherwise, it won’t make you happy. Check out more information at before you make a final decision. Again, being prepared helps in raising these pets.


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3 Reasons Why Your Dog Hates Being Left Alone at Home

Whether you are already a dog owner or about to be, you probably already know that dogs hate being alone. When left alone, they often display peculiar and even harmful behavior such as urinating, defecating, destroying furniture and even self-harm on occasions. If you are a working dog owner who has little option but to leave the dog at home alone, you might want to go through these five reasons as to why the dogs behave the way they do on being left alone.

The Dog Doesn’t Know If/When You Will Come Back

Just like a small child, a dog has no idea when or if you will come back to it. As a result, your pooch feels abandoned, scared and lonely in the house, as soon as you leave and the doors are shut. They do not exactly have an acute sense of time either and that doesn’t help their separation anxiety. Of course, over the course of time and with proper methods, a dog can get used to the idea of its owner leaving and coming back, but it will take a good deal of well-directed planning and time.

They Don’t Have Anything to Do

When you are at home, you are probably reading a book, watching TV, playing games, interacting with people and so on, but a dog can’t do any of that and therefore, it has no stimulation. This has the potential to drive anyone crazy, let alone an animal as jovial, interactive and energetic as a dog. Keeping gentle music playing in the background while you leave is a good way to calm your pooch down, but that’s not all. Give your dog lots of toys to play with while you are not there and be sure to take the sad pooch out for a walk or some playtime when you get back.

Peeing and Pooping Problems

Dogs that have been toilet trained, know that it’s not right to pee or poop in the house and since they are going to be in the house for a very long time once you leave, they are faced with two options and none of them is desirable. They can either choose to do it in the house or hold it in, and while the former seems like a bad habit, the latter can seriously harm the dog’s health. It is very likely that they will try to hold it in for as long as they can and then release it when they can’t; therefore, harming themselves and getting a bad name for doing something that’s only natural. Make sure that you get your dog the necessary toilet training so that they know where to pee and poop in the house when you are not there.

Dogs are social creatures and if you must leave them alone for long hours, it’s best to make sure that you at least have two dogs so that they can keep each other company. If that’s not an option, you can still live with a pooch, but you will definitely have to put in some extra efforts to make up for the lost time. After all, life is short and dogs do not live even half as long as most of us, so it only makes sense that we make the best of the time we have with our pooches.

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