Benefits of Dog Insurance You Didn’t Know About

If you love your dog, you probably want it to have a happy life. For a dog, a happy life means a healthy one. If you get pleasure out of taking good care of your pup, you might be interested in insurance for your dog. You might already know some of the benefits covered by insurance for your dog. For instance, you might know that medical and vet visits are covered, usually accompanied with low copays and other ways for you to save money in the event of an emergency, such as if your dog needs surgery or even breaks a leg and needs a cast.

However, you might not know that insurance for your dog can also cover a lot of other things. If you’re on the fence about insurance for your dog, you should know about these kinds of benefits so that you can take advantage of them by taking out an insurance policy that covers things that can really help you and your pup stay happy and healthy.


Did you know that in some cases, pet insurance in Australia can cover boarding and kennel expenses? Now, while these boarding costs might have to be related to surgeries and other medical things, for instance if your pet needs to stay with the vet for a few days for observation, you can still get these boarding costs covered at least partially, and in some cases you don’t have to worry about paying at all for the cost of keeping your dog at the vet for a few days when needed.

Tick Treatment

Dogs love to run around in the grass, and sometimes they can pick up ticks on their legs. Ticks are harmful bugs because they can hurt your pup and make it feel sick. However, some insurance policies can actually cover tick treatment up to a certain amount so that in the instance that your dog needs to be treated because it picked up a tick on the leg or the belly, you won’t have to worry about the money.

Cover for Travel

Suppose you take a trip to New York or Europe and you need to bring your dog with you. What happens if your dog gets sick or injured while you’re overseas or out of the country? You might not know what to do, and you’re already spending a lot of money to travel, so it can be stressful if something like this happens while you’re far away from the local vet. Fortunately, some insurance policies actually cover vet bills while you’re overseas or out of the country. In some cases, they’ll cover as much as 80% of your vet bills so you don’t have to worry about being broke because your dog is sick while you’re away from home.

These kinds of insurance are great to have, and if you are interested in getting insurance for your dog, you should get online and check out local Australian plans that can give you and your dog all of these benefits and more.