August 9, 2017


When you must to start dog crate training?

When you start crate training of your dog, make sure to take care of the following thing. The crate should not use as a mean of punishment of jail. It should be a place for the dog to relax so that you can focus on other things. Following are the cautions of crate training:

  • Do not put your dog in the crate as a punishment. This will put fear in the heart of the dog and it will become difficult for you to train him.
  • Put your dog in the crate when it’s required like when you have the guest in the house or taking your dog to another place in a car etc.
  • Do not put your dog in the crate for too long and take care about other necessaries like there should be food and water bowl and soft bed etc.
  • During crate training, make sure to take care about his bowels moment and urination. The period should not be more than 2-3 hours.

Selection of crate for dog crate training:

The crates for dogs are available in different sizes and made with different materials like plastic, metal, rigid frame and much more. So, make sure to purchase one which you believe that the most comfortable for your dog. Also, take care about the size of the crate. It should not small in size and have enough height so that your dog can stand in it. Even if you have a new born dog or puppy, then still consider purchasing a large size crate. You can purchase a crate if you have a good budget to spend on or you can rent it from the local animal shelter.

If you are not sure those which size of the crate will be perfect for your dog, then purchase one through online stores like Amazon because these websites give a recommendation of size on the basis of your dog’s breed, age and size etc.

Here you can find an overview of the best dog crates.

The dog’s crate training process:

Crate training is not hard as its sound like only if it has been done in correct way. Especially, if you are training a puppy, then the process is very easy. Yes, it could be very difficult for grown dogs sometimes but if you follow the instruction correctly then you can train your dog about crate within few days. Following I am writing step by step dog crate training process, which can be applied to both the adult dogs and puppies.

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Step 1: Introduce crate to your dog

The introduction of the crate to your dog is not hard. Simply place the crate on the place where your dog sleeps or spend the most time. Do not force him to enter in the crate. If possible, then leave crate in the same place for 1-2 days so that dog can get completely familiar with this. To encourage him, to enter in the crate, drop some of his favorite toys in it. You can also use the dog treat for this purpose.

Step 2: Feed your dog in the crate

This step will surely allow your dog to enter in the crate. Instead of feeding your dog outside the crate, place your dog’s food and water bowl inside the crate. While dog eating the meal inside the crate, close the door. If your dog while to be let out then do it immediately, if not then keep it close at least for 10-20 minutes and stay next to it.

Step 3: Train your dog in the crate for longer periods

If your dog knows the commands then use them and ask your dog to enter in the dog and sit there. You can use treats for this purpose. Make sure to praise your dog every time if he follows your commands. In the first week of training do not leave the dog in the crate for more than 30 minutes. Day by day, increase the time of crate training. Place the soft bed of your dog inside the crate to encourage him to stay there for longer period.

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