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Things You Need to Know About Bengal Kittens Before Raising One

Bengal kittens are unique. They are fiercer, tougher and stronger. They are not your ordinary cats at home. Therefore, if you want a challenge as a pet owner, they are a great choice. The most important thing you need to know is that they are directly descended from wild cats. This is why they are tougher than other domestic cats. Here is some more information you need to know about them before you decide that you want one as a pet.

Their generation determines their traits

There are different cross breeds of Bengal cats. They can be 50% domestic and 50% Asian leopard cat. They are known as an F1 cross. They can also be an F2 cross, which come from 2 F1 crosses. The number that follows the F determines how closely they are related to their wild heritage. Those that are closer are more expensive. They are also wilder and more harmful as they retain most of the traits of their ancestors.

They can be noisy

Cats produce noise all the time. Bengal cats are even noisier. They tend to “talk” to their owners. They also make noise if they feel like they are being ignored. It is a challenge having them at home if you are also raising a baby. If you are used to this kind of noise, it won’t be an issue.

They can be prolific hunters

They have a high level of success in every kill. It can happen several times in one night. Again, this has something to do with their origin. They love to be outdoors all the time. It is challenging to keep them at home and avoid them hunting just about any prey they can find.

They can be high maintenance

These cats demand love and attention. You need to have a lot of time to spend with them if you are to make them pets. They love following you around. They even yell for attention. Sometimes, this can drive you crazy especially if you have a lot of other things to attend to.

They can be filled with energy

As they are taller and more athletic, they tend to be very energetic. When they are not sleeping, they love walking around, hunting or demanding activities from you. If left inside the house, expect lots of broken items the following day.

This information does not mean you have to turn down the idea of owning Bengal kittens. You just have to be careful when making this decision so you can be fully prepared. Otherwise, it won’t make you happy. Check out more information at before you make a final decision. Again, being prepared helps in raising these pets.