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Get Family Protection Dogs from Your Safety

There is no such home that is complete without a pet. After all, you would need to get a pet and the best solution for that would be to get one from Total K9. They have a ton of family protection dogs who would bark at strangers. Thus, you would need to tell them to calm down when you have visitors coming over.

You can’t blame them for doing that as it is for your own good. It would be a lot better for you to do it in such a way that you would need to remember when you would need to bathe the dogs. After all, you would feel confident about taking your dogs out when they smell great. Besides, you never know when you would meet someone you know at the nearest mall, and it would feel pretty good. It is evident you should dedicate a few hours of your time to educate the dogs.

They may be already trained with the basic commands, but you may want to add a bit more so that you should be in line with other dog trainers. It would be no harm for you to do it with other dog owners as it is good bonding with your friends. After all, you can learn a thing or two from them about how to train dogs in the right manner.

Indeed, you would feel confident about your safety when you have family protection dogs in your backyard. Of course, it would be unfair to tie them up just like that. It would be a lot better for you to take them to the nearest mall and see what it would be like to do things your way. Besides, you should let them meet other dogs as they would also need to socialize. you can’t just let them see the same things each day as that would make them feel a bit bored with what they have.

They also like to mingle with other dogs so if your neighbor has dogs then you can have them visit or the other way around. It is their way of doing things that would benefit you one way or the other. It should also be your duty to protect your dog so feeding the pet with the right meals would be sufficient. Besides, you should buy the healthiest dog food that money can buy and it would suffice.

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Pet Care

Accessories you must have for your new friend

Are you a dog or cat person? A pet is often your best friend. your buddy. You can walk with it, eat together and cuddle when you lie on the couch in the evening. A pet is good for people. If you are planning to get a dog, for example, it is important that you have a number of things at home as a precaution. Especially before that little four-legged friend is walking around everywhere. Are you curious about which accessories you need for your little four-legged friend? Then read on.

Take a walk around

When you have a dog, it needs to go outside several times a day to relieve itself. Especially when they are still young, dogs sometimes want to run from one side of the street to the other. To prevent this, you can choose to purchase a dog leash. However, you cannot attach a dog leash to a dog’s fur. You can easily attach a dog leash to dog collars. The dog collars is a band that the dog can keep on continuously during the day. It may even be wise to hang a hanger on the dog collars with the dog’s name and your contact details on it. When your dog has run away from home, people on the street who find him can see on the dog collars where the dog should go. The dog collars will help your four-legged friend find it again. Dog collars are also available in different colors and sizes. This is of course because not every dog ​​is the same width and has the same head.

Take a nap

When your dog is still young, he will have to sleep a lot during the day. This makes it nice that the dog has its own place in its house where it can lie. Otherwise, it is possible that the dog will lie on furniture while you would rather not. When you purchase a pouf or a bench for the dog and use it structurally, the dog will eventually see this as its place. This way the dog will be able to sleep well while you are busy with household chores.

Go get it

When you go to get a dog, it is often the case that they are still very playful as a puppy. It is therefore nice that you have something at home, so that the puppy can play every now and then, but also with you as owner. For example, you can think of a tennis ball or a squeaky toy that are for sale everywhere. During your walks you can also teach the dog to apport.

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What Should I Feed My Dog?

Due to the wide variety of dog food, you may be searching for the right dog food and find dog food reviews that are all over the place. It doesn’t help that most pet store workers don’t know much about dog food either. If you want to find the best dog foods, you need to make sure you keep up with what’s trending. Also, this article will help you.

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Best Dog Foods Worth Trying 


Pork and pork liver are also good sources of protein. Pork is a good source of thiamin and niacin, essential for a healthy metabolism. It is also a source of vitamin B6 and iron.

Pork liver is very rich in B vitamins and iron. It contains more than twice the amount of vitamin A and vitamin C as beef liver.

Cooked chicken

Cooked chicken is one of the best meat sources for dogs. Chicken bones are safe for dogs to eat as long as they are fully cooked since cooking makes bones more brittle and less likely to splinter. Again, raw chicken carries a risk of salmonella and E. coli and should never be fed to dogs.


Eggs are rich in digestible protein, selenium and riboflavin. However, they can cause an upset stomach in some dogs and lead to gas, so it’s best to start slow. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, try soft-boiling or poaching the egg first before feeding it to your puppy. You can serve eggs scrambled, over-easy, or poached.


Pumpkin is an excellent source of fiber for the dog, and it also helps with digestive issues. It is low in fat, contains omega-3 fatty acids, and provides plenty of nutrients that help to promote a healthy coat.

Green beans 

Green beans are another good option for dogs who need to lose some weight or just want to maintain a healthy weight. They are low in calories but high in fiber and protein.


Oatmeal has many health benefits for dogs because it is rich in fiber, which can help prevent cancer and heart disease. It also has vitamins B and E and can help soothe irritated skin.


Salmon is very high in omega-3 fatty acids, which help to promote a shiny coat and healthy skin for your dog. It’s also full of protein, vitamin B12, niacin, and selenium.

Peanut butter 

Peanut butter contains heart-healthy fats, vitamin B, niacin, vitamin E, and protein for your dog. It’s important to make sure there’s no added sugar


Carrots are high in beta-carotene, fiber, vitamins K1, B6, C, potassium, and antioxidants. They’re even linked to cancer prevention in dogs.

Like most veggies, carrots are low in calories and fat while high in fiber. The crunchy texture can help keep teeth clean by scraping off plaque and tartar while they eat. Plus, they are packed with beta-carotene, which gets converted into vitamin A once inside their bodies. Vitamin A is essential for eye health and vision as well as healthy skin and fur for your pup.

Finally, with so many choices out there, it can be difficult to know what types of dog foods are the best. The truth is that every dog food has its benefits and drawbacks, whether you like to feed your dog kibble, wet food, or a raw diet. It’s important to do your research and find the most appropriate diet for your dog.

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Fun Activities You Can Try With Your Dog

Having a pooch means never getting bored. This is because all canines, whether big adult Dalmatians or small Bordoodle puppies, are a joy to have around. Dogs are so unpredictable that every day is always a wonderful experience. But sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to try something new with your best pal. If you want to turn your day from usual to awesome, see this list of fun things to try with your furball:

#1 Organise Regular Doggy Playdates

As early as three months old, your pooch should already be meeting other dogs as well as people. Otherwise, it can become easily stressed in unfamiliar environments or situations. By incorporating regular playdates in your dog’s life, you allow your pooch to get used to socialising. You, on the same hand, get to meet new friends who share the same passion for canines as you.

When organising a playdate, it is important to pick your location wisely. Make sure that the place you choose is fully fenced, not territorial, and safe for off-leash play. Additionally, invite pooches that are close in age and size to your dog to eliminate the risk of injury. Finally, always have treats at hand to encourage positive association when necessary.

dog sitting in front of campfire near body of water during daytime

#2 Have Your Dog’s Photo Taken by a Professional

Thanks to smartphones, anyone can now snap photos of their pooch whenever the moment presents itself. However, pictures that are taken from a phone usually aren’t the ones that end up printed and displayed in a frame. Given that dogs grow so fast, it is better to have their photos shot by a professional.

This is because pros have the training, equipment, and experience needed to turn a simple photo into a gallery-quality portrait. By understanding lighting, colours, and composition, they can make any photo look tasteful – even if it’s just a shot of your dog eating, sleeping, or playing. Also, some professionals include editing in their packages, which is even better if you are particular about details.

#3 Create a Social Media Account for Your Dog

Now that you have many photos of your pooch, you can start sharing them on social media. By creating an account for your dog, you not only document your pet’s everyday life but also keep track of every single moment. You can first add people you know to your friend’s list, and then start adding other people who share the same love for canines as you.

Aside from posting updates on your pooch’s life, you can also start a blog about it. Put into writing your daily experiences with your dog. Post photos of your adventures together, review its favourite doggy products, or share snapshots of its food for the day.

What’s great about having a social media account for your dog is that if it gains enough followers, it can become an instant celebrity. It then gets to be sponsored by canine merchandise companies that give out free treats, toys, and apparel, among many other goodies. Sometimes, these companies even provide the pooch’s family with free subscriptions and discount codes.

#4 Take Your Pooch to a Dog Show

Nothing will excite your dog more than watching another breed of its kind in action. This is why taking it to a dog show or event is a remarkable idea. Your pooch will not only enjoy seeing other canines show off their smarts and skills but also have a wonderful time interacting with vendors who are selling dog supplies.

Dog events are held all around Australia throughout the year. Aside from shows, there are festivals, parades, fairs, farmer’s markets, camping expos, caravans, and car boot sales. Simply check out different local community websites for a list of all dog events taking place near your area.

#5 Binge-Watch Dog Shows or Movies Together

Spend weekends snuggled up on your sofa with your pooch, watching television shows or flicks that have canines as protagonists. Try Lassie, Turner and Hooch, Marley and Me, Beethoven, and 101 Dalmatians. Believe it or not, many dogs enjoy watching TV and can even relate to the visuals and motions coming from it.

It is recommended that you watch shows or movies with dogs as characters because canines like to watch others of their kind. Bear in mind that pooches prefer looking at real animals to cartoons. They also see certain colours better on the screen, such as shades of yellows and blues.

If you aren’t sure if your dog is enjoying what it is watching, check its eyes and tail. When a pooch is interested, its eyes will follow the movement and its tail will wag happily.

#6 Go to the Beach

There is nothing like a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air that will have your furry friend smiling and excited. Take your dog to the beach and allow it to freely run in the sand and splash in the water. What’s great about it is that it is both fun and inexpensive.

On your day out, take your dog for a walk along the shore, letting it explore the surroundings. Then, take off its leash and play a game of fetch. If your pooch is a good swimmer and the waves aren’t too strong, let it catch a frisbee in the ocean. Finally, allow your dog to dive in the water.

Aside from playing and swimming, you can also try paddleboarding or riding on a kayak with your dog. When you’re both done with the activities, simply lay on the sand and catch some sun.

#7 Plan a Camping Trip

Do something different by taking your dog on your family camping trip. Luckily, there are many dog-friendly campsites all around Australia. You and your furball will be able to see the breathtaking landscapes as well as meet new friends.

To make the experience one to remember, incorporate dog-friendly activities into your itinerary. You can play outdoor games, like frisbee and fetch, or sit back and watch the sunrise or sunset. You can also hit the trails, having a savvy guide take you to the best spots. Finally, you can explore a nearby park so you can spend quality time with your canine companion.

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3 things that you MUST do when owning a dog

Everyone knows how awesome it is to own a pet and the love, companionship and fun they bring to the home. Although animals like cats, hamsters and rabbits all make amazing pets, many people still consider dogs as the premier choice. If you own a dog or plan to get one, it is key to know which things you must do when looking after them. This will keep them in great shape and make your life less stressful.

So, what are the 3 most essential things you should remember?

Take out suitable dog insurance

If there is one thing that is a real essential for all dog owners, taking out a dog insurance policy is it. This is because if your pet pooch was ever to fall ill or be involved in an accident, you want them to have the best care to recover. Vets bills can often be expensive though, which is where dog insurance helps.

These kinds of policies not only cover you against costly vets fees but also provide protection for canines with pre-existing conditions. If you take out a lifetime policy from a brand like Petsure, there are also no upper age limits or excess amounts included in the policy. Dog insurance is really important and avoids owners having to choose between paying for expensive treatment personally or not being able to get your dog the care it needs.

Regular exercise is a must

When it comes to the dos and don’ts of owning a dog, regular exercise is critical. All canines not only need regular walks but actually enjoy it. As is the case with humans, they really like being out in the fresh air and away from the same four walls.

Regular walks also help to keep them fit and give them the experience of being in the outside world. This can be very handy in terms of getting your dog used to being around other animals and also other people. The key thing to note is how much exercise your dog needs will depend on the breed. A Labrador or Golden Retriever for example will need more walks per day than a Chow Chow.

Give them plenty of love

Although it is very important to give your dog enough fresh water and food each day, it can be just as key to show them lots of affection. This is particularly essential for puppies, as it will help them to grow up trusting humans and to be good around people.

Of course, pets of any age need plenty of love and fuss too! Dogs are like humans in the fact they thrive on social interaction and being shown affection. For a happy, well-behaved and content pooch, therefore, make sure to spend time showing it how special they are. From engaging in playtime to giving it cuddles, this is a must for any owner.

If you own a dog or are about to buy one, there are some things which you must do. The above tips fall into this category and are something you simply cannot ignore. If you take them onboard when looking after your pet pooch, you should find you have a happy pet and all the cover you need should they fall ill.

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The Benefits of CBD Treats for Pets: Keep Your Animal Companion Healthy

CBD treats are becoming an increasingly popular way to keep your pet healthy and happy. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant that has been shown to have many benefits for both humans and animals. CBD treats can be used to help treat a variety of conditions in pets, including anxiety, arthritis, and even cancer.

Cbd products for a dog come in many different forms, including chew toys, gummies, capsules, tinctures, and more! The only difference between these products is the amount of CBD they contain – some contain less than others, but it’s all about finding what works best for your pet!

Benefits of CBD treats:

  1. CBD treats are a natural way to help treat conditions in pets.

CBD is a non-toxic, non-addictive compound that has been shown to have many benefits for both humans and animals. CBD can help treat various conditions in pets, including anxiety, arthritis, and even cancer.

  1. They are made with natural ingredients that are safe for your pet.

CBD treats come in many different forms, including chew toys, gummies, capsules, and tinctures! The only difference between these products is the amount of CBD they contain – some contain less than others, but it’s all about finding what works best for your pet!

  1. They are easy to administer.

All the pet owners can attest to how difficult it is to give their pets-medications. Some animals are picky about what they eat and don’t want to take pills, no matter how small. To ease this burden on both you and your furry friend, CBD has been made available in treat form so that giving them their medication is as easy as giving them a snack.

  1. They have a long shelf-life.

CBD treats don’t expire and can be stored in your cupboard or pantry until you need them, making them a convenient option for pet owners on the go. In addition, they don’t need to be refrigerated, so you can keep them in your bag or car and give them to your pet when needed.

  1. They are affordable.

CBD treats are a more affordable option than many medications currently available to treat conditions in pets. In addition, they can be used as a preventative measure, meaning you don’t have to wait until your pet is sick to give them one!

There are many benefits to using CBD treats to keep your pet healthy and happy! If you’re looking for natural ways to treat conditions in pets, consider trying CBD products.

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Are Treats Healthy for a Cat?

Owners love to pamper and lavish their affection towards their pets when it comes to treats. However, one cannot give too much affection, and owners often start giving their pets too much food to eat out of love. In terms of cats as a pet, overeating can develop serious weight problems just like humans develop. Association for Pet Obesity Prevention performed a study and observed that 57% of cats are overweight or, in other words, obese.

In this, a ubiquitous question is raised regarding cat treats. Is it safe and healthy for little kitties? Which treat will be the best for our kitty? To clarify the owner’s doubts, here are some answers from cat experts.

How to Make Healthy Cat Treats?

Moderation is key: When it comes to cat treats, it is healthy to feed them to the owner’s furry friend, but the proportion matters. An excellent moderate proportion of the cat treat must be given to the cats. This will neither make the owner’s cat starve nor become obese because of treats.

Perfect dose: Experts have been recommending treats only make up 10% or less of the total calories a cat consumes. Most cat treats don’t add much of the nutritional value but only the calorie in the cat’s diet. The remaining 90% of the calorie in a cat’s diet must be obtained from healthy and high-quality cat food.

Here are a Few Treat Tips for a Healthy Cat:

  1. Moderation: Like humans, cats can also develop a taste with time. This sometimes motivates cats to avoid their food to get the goodies they love to eat. This is why experts highly recommend only serving the owner’s cat with treats two or three times a week.
  1. Avoid serving human food to cats: Owners often tend to fill their food out of love and affection. Food consumed by humans is made up of high nutritional values, which cats do not recommend. You can try serving small bites of human food to cats on any special occasion, but one must avoid it regularly.
  2. Avoid toxic foods: There are foods that humans love but can be harmful to their cats. These foods include grapes, alcohol, raisins, onions, salt, and tea. If the owner is confused about a treat with the safety of their cats, they must consult a vet.
  3. Ban begging: If the owner has a habit of rewarding the begging of their pet, it can be a dangerous habit in the long run.
  4. Give treats for fitness: Develop a habit of rewarding cats treats after physical and mental exercises. It can be fun for both the owner as well as the cat.


Not all the treats are bad; the only thing owners must take care of is the over-enthusiastic love and affection. It eventually leads to over-eating of the cat and often helps develop the cats’ lazy lifestyle. These habits, in the longer run, make the cats obese.

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How to Calm an Anxious Dog

Like humans, animals can experience anxiety. Whether it’s due to trauma or situations that trigger their nerves, dogs of every breed can become an anxious bag of bones. The good news is that there are therapies, techniques, and treatments available to ease this problem. Below are a few to get you started.

Recognize the Signs

Anxiety can be easy or tricky to spot, depending on the severity and how your dog expresses it. If you suspect your dog is nervous, below are some key signs to watch out for:

  • Trembling
  • Shaking
  • Pacing
  • Hypervigilance
  • Chronic licking
  • Frequent yawning
  • Decreased appetite
  • Increased salivation or drooling
  • Increased panting


Like humans, exercise is a great way to expel anxiety in a dog. While it won’t remove the cause, it can redirect their nervous energy and help them flush it out. Even if you take your dog for regular walks, you’ll want to increase the amount of exercise if they’re anxious. Whether it’s playing fetch or taking them on a run, exercise will boost their endorphins and ease some of their nervousness.

Boost Their Self-Esteem

It may sound weird to associate self-esteem with dogs, but it is also a trait that needs nurturing. Confidence goes a long way towards helping a dog feel less nervous in certain situations, but it does take practice. Renowned dog expert Cesar Milan says the best way to boost a dog’s self-esteem is to help them repeatedly accomplish small goals. These goals can be part of obedience training and obstacle courses where the dog is given rewards for achieving certain feats.

Stick to a Schedule

If you have an anxious dog, it’s best not to aggravate them by keeping them to a haphazard schedule. A sense of regularity will help ease an anxious dog as they know what to expect and when. Sticking to a regular schedule includes consistent timing for meals, walks, and even sleep.

Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies are becoming more popular with pets, especially if they suffer from anxiety. While it’s always best to check with a veterinarian at Goodyear Vet Clinic first, alternative therapies can be a safe and effective way to calm your pooch’s nerves. Some of the more common therapies include:

  • Music/sound therapy: music and certain sounds can be calming for a dog. It can also be a way to redirect their attention if they’re anxious.
  • Rescue Remedy: part of the range of Bach flower remedies, this homeopathic treatment can ease an anxious pooch.
  • Supplements: supplements like melatonin, chamomile, or tryptophan can induce relaxation in your dog.
  • Aromatherapy: diffusers that emit certain scents can also calm a nervous dog. You might need to do some research into which scents are best (and some are poisonous to dogs), but this can be a pleasant (and great smelling) alternative therapy.
  • Calming Coats: calming coats consist of t-shirts that create pressure around the dog’s torso, creating a feeling of being swaddled. Popularly used to calm cats and dogs during travel, coats such as the classic ThunderShirt may be enough to ease their nerves.
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5 Signs Your Dog Needs Grooming

One of the best things a dog owner can do for their dog is to provide them with proper grooming. It doesn’t matter if you have a dog that sheds or one that requires regular haircuts, dog grooming services has many benefits to your dog. This article will show 5 signs of a good groomer and why every dog should be groomed on a regular basis.

1) Your Dog’s Coat Has Visible Mats & Tangles

If you’re wondering how often your dog should be groomed, it depends on several factors such as coat type and climate conditions. When it comes to climate conditions there are three basic types: humid, moderate, and arid. Conditions in humid climates tend to cause much more matting than those experienced in arid climates. When your dog’s coat is not properly groomed it can cause tangles and mats that can be very painful for your dog, if left untreated.

2) Your Dog Has a Filthy Coat and/or Bad Breath

When a dog is ungroomed, you will notice their coat has an unpleasant odor, filled with dirt and debris and their breath smells horrible as well. The best dog grooming services should include some form of teeth cleaning in order to remove plaque and tartar buildup which causes bad breath. This also includes nails which oftentimes if not maintained on a regular basis, can actually curl themselves into the pad of the dog’s paw.

3) You See Algae Or Mold Growing In Your Dog’s Ears

After a bath, if you check your dog’s ears and notice there is a greenish-brown coloration around the inside of their ear, it sometimes means they are not drying properly after a bath or they do getting cleaned on a regular basis. When this happens it provides a nice environment for algae to grow. Another sign that your dog needs their ears cleaned is excessive scratching of the ear area as well as odor from the outside of the dog’s ears. To avoid either situation from occurring, make sure to groom them on a regular basis so they stay clean and dry.

4) Your Dog’s Claws Are Under-Trimmed

In addition to dog grooming, dog nails should be kept trimmed on a regular basis. If dog nail trimming is not completed properly it can cause pain for your dog when walking or running. It also causes the dog’s toes to curl under which will require further medical attention down the road. Overgrown dog claws are very sharp and if you allow them to get too long, it can become a serious health issue for your dog. Not only would a good dog grooming service provide a clipping of their dog’s claws but also an express trimmer for quick clean-up work around the paws and face area as well.

5) Your Dog’s Coat Is A Different Color Than What You Remember

If dog grooming is an important factor to you, there are three things that should be included in every dog grooming service: teeth cleaning, dog nail trimming, and ear cleaning. If your dog doesn’t require a full bath during their dog grooming process, the dog groomer will usually give them a thorough brushing instead. This helps ensure all mats have been removed from their dog’s coat as well as any debris stuck in the fur. In addition, this also keeps their dog’s coat free of dander which can cause allergies among some people who have a sensitivity to it. On average a good dog grooming service will take about one hour or more to complete depending on how resistant your dog is to being groomed.

Make sure you find a dog grooming service for your dog that performs all of the dog grooming procedures mentioned in this article before it gets out of hand and your dog needs medical attention due to neglect.

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