Help! My Dog Is Drinking from the Toilet

A dog in a toilet

Dogs are lovable creature, but they can be disgusting at times.

You may at one point find your dog drinking from the toilet. Yuck! So why is your dog drinking from the toilet instead of its bowl? Here are a few reasons and solutions for you.

The Toilet Water is Fresher Than You Think

Who wouldn’t want to drink fresh water? Everyone would, even your loyal companion isn’t an exception to this. The toilet water gets flushed certain times a day and fresh water replaces the old. This is one reason why your dog is so fond of drinking it straight from there.

The Toilet Water is Cooler

Most toilets are made up of porcelain material which helps keep the water cool as compared to the bowl your canine friend uses. So, when given the choice of drinking from the water in the bowl and a cool drink from the toilet on any given hot day, your dog might choose the latter.

The Bowl Itself Might be Dirty

There is nothing wrong in being a little hygienic now is there? For a dog the bowl itself might be dirtier than the toilet bowl. Sometimes the bowl isn’t washed clean as it should be or tastes like the material it is made of.

So, the dog might go for an option it thinks is cleaner.

What Can One Do to Avoid the Yuckiness?

There are a few ways one can avoid the disgusting habit your canine friend has adopted for whatever reason.

For starters you can provide a fresh water bowl every time. You can also keep the toilet lid closed and along with your toilet’s door. This way you can prevent the dog from entering the toilet to begin with! And even if it does, the fact that the lid will be closed will prevent the dog from drinking the water inside.

You can also try replacing the bowl with one that’s made up of a different material. If you can, then invest in a pet fountain. Try to impede the action when being performed. Once impeded, then simply take the dog to its bowl of fresh water and praise him while he drinks from it.

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