Insights For Mastering Dog Obedience

There is no doubt that dogs are man’s best friend. They are certainly great companions as well as fun playmates. In many homes, they are regarded as a member of the family and an important part of the household. It definitely feels wonderful to walk around the neighborhood with your dog or take a stroll on the beach with your dog in tow.

However, if you happen to have a dog as bad as Marley in the film “Marley and Me,” you may eventually become stressed out with the naughtiness of your pooch. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to endure a dog with the manners of Marley if you can instead enjoy a properly trained pet. The solution is simple: you must master dog obedience. Below are some steps that will make it easier for you to achieve this goal:

Be Considerate

It is important to remember that dogs are animals, and unlike people, their attention spans are shorter. You may have your dog’s attention at the moment, but a few minutes later, your best friend will be wandering off to pursue something else that has his or her attention.

Therefore, you must try to put yourself in your dog’s situation and understand how frustrating it is to be placed in dog obedience class, rather than be able to run and play as usual. For this reason, you should prepare some great rewards and treats prior to enrolling your dog in obedience class. This typically always works, as most pets are easily trained when treats are involved in the process.

Be Consistent

Be consistent when training your pet. It is never wise to give your dog so many instructions and commands that he or she becomes confused or even worse, give up on a trick or command because your pooch does not immediately understand what he or she is supposed to do.

A good way to ensure consistency is to begin the training with easy commands, such as “sit,” before moving on to more complicated commands or tricks. You should always offer a treat or record when something new is learned by your dog, and always repeat the instructions until you are sure your pet knows what he or she must do to receive the reward.

Be the Boss

Finally, it is essential for your dog to realize that you are the leader of the team. Otherwise, you will end up with a dog who exhibits the dreaded behavior of Marley, which will only frustrate you as time goes on. It is much easier for you to make your pet follow commands if he or she knows you are the boss.

This does not necessarily mean being harsh with your pet. Rather, it merely means that your dog should understand who is in charge. Now you are probably thinking that mastering dog obedience is not as daunting a task as you initially thought. Simply keep the aforementioned steps in mind and follow them at all times: be considerate, consistent, and maintain your role as the undisputed boss.

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