Pet Safety In An RV: Helpful Tips

Each year many thousands of adventurers take to the open roads in search of open air, sights, and thrilling activities. A large percentage of these campers have their families along for the ride, including their pets. The great thing about traveling in a camper rental is that you can make sure to rent a size that comfortably fits the family, and if you wish to take your animal along then this will not be an issue. With so many pet friendly RV parks across the nation and so much open space to explore, campervan travel is perfect for pets. However it is important to keep your pets safe when traveling, so make sure to keep in mind these tips to assure the safety of your animal.

Keep Safe When Driving

The number one time animals can be injured on an RV trip is during the driving process. Each human passenger is required by law to be strapped in for the drive, but not animals. This leaves them exposed to injury if there should be an accident or sudden stop. Therefore it is important to keep them secure and safe for the ride. One thing to consider is placing their favorite bed in a safe place within the camper and placing cushioning in front of it, creating not only a snug place to sleep but also a safe spot should an accident occur. Take a look online or at your favorite pet store and check out the various seatbelts and straps that are made specifically for dogs. Your dog may not like this, but having them strapped in will give you the peace of mind in knowing your animal is safe when out on the road.

Pet Friendly RV Parks

Lots of RV parks are considered pet friendly, which gives you a lot of options no matter which region you may be traveling in. Look for parks that have fenced in dog parks and secured perimeters. This will lessen the chance that your animal will wander away from camp and get lost. No matter how obedient your dog may be, there is always the chance that they will end up beyond the perimeter of camp, so choosing parks that are fenced in will go a long way toward avoiding this. These pet friendly parks also come with other convenient aspects such as grooming stations to keep your animal clean and dog pools and fountains to keep them cool in the summer months.

Stay Secure In Camp

If you happen to be on a campervan rental trip where you will be spending a lot of time out in the wild and staying in camps that aren’t RV parks, then you will definitely want to think a lot about keeping your animal secure and safe. Bring along long perimeter leashes so that your dog can have mobility about camp but also be secure in the perimeter. This will prevent your animal from running away from the camp and keep them safe from other animals and other hazards.

Bring A First Aid Kit

There are a number of injuries and issues that can befall an animal when traveling, and you can be prepared for them by having a first aid kit specifically for your animal when on your trip. There are many pet stores that carry animal-specific kits and you can also find them online. When it comes down to it, a good first aid kit can be the difference between treating a minor injury and being on your way or going through a long process of emergency vet clinics that will be costly and time consuming. They can also save your animal’s life, so make sure to have a kit when on the road.

Another great thing to do is look up the methods for treating minor animal injuries and how to maintain during major injuries while getting them help. Most of these can be found online, and bring along printouts so that you can refer to them during a worst case scenario. When you are educated on the handling of these matters you can travel with the peace of mind of knowing you have the knowledge needed to make matters better should an injury occur with your pet.

Traveling with an animal is a pleasurable experience for both owner and pet alike. You get to experience the thrills and wide open spaces of the road and experience the companionship that makes pet ownership worthwhile. Like with any traveler in your camper rental you should always aim to keep them safe, and with pets this involves keeping in mind a certain set of tips that will assure that they stay safe on the trip. As long as you keep these firmly in mind then you and your pet should have a safe and satisfactory journey.