Quick Guide To Buying An Escape-Proof Dog Crate

Some pooches are con artists. They have mastered the art of escaping crates, mainly because they don’t like to be contained. Buying an inescapable dog crate can be confusing, thanks to the huge number of options. Below are some of the things you need to know.

Does my dog need a crate?

Well, crates are handy if you have a hyperactive dog. Sometimes, you may have guests at home, and it’s impossible to have the pet around, especially if the food is being served or somebody is scared. For some pet owners, a crate is also a simple way to contain the animal when they are leaving the house for smaller periods. So, it largely depends on your pooch and his behavior.

Using an escape-proof dog crate

An escape-proof dog crate is designed to be durable, so that big breeds like Rottweiler or GSDs don’t escape.  Some dog breeds are smarter than others, and they always find ways to break the crate. With escape-proof dog crates, your concerns will be limited, although it’s important to mention that none of the products are indestructible. Some are just better than others.

Buying the first crate

Before you pick a dog crate for your beloved pooch, here are the things to consider.

  • Why do you need the crate? If you are traveling with your pet on a flight, you will need a crate that’s airline complaint. Many pet owners use crate for training, while others use it a simple way to keep the animal in control.
  • What kind of crate will work for your dog? If you have a smaller dog, a fabric crate might seem like a good idea, but ideally, it’s best to go for plastic ones that are durable and effective for most breeds. Some metal crates are also escape-proof. Just make sure that the dog has enough ventilation.
  • Do you need additional features? Some dog crates are foldable, while others are easy to store. A few crates have coatings so as to prevent rusting, while others might have better opening for the dog to get in. It all depends on what kind of crate would work for your needs.

Finally, do consider the size of the animal before picking a product. If you are looking for dog crates like these, you can check online on certain portals, where you will find detailed reviews and comparison between different options.