Three Important Safety Tips when Taking your Dog to a Drive

When driving your care, any distraction can be possible life-threatening safety hazard. That is states have distracted driving laws that will penalize those who use their phone and apply makeup while driving. However, having a dog in your car can be just as distracting as these activities.

Sometimes, leaving your dog at home is just not possible and while driving, you want your beloved pet to be safe and that everybody is also safe from your pet. Here are some helpful tips to achieve this.

Take Safety Measures

When going for a ride, a lot of dog owners just don’t like to put their dogs don’t want to put their dogs in a crate, restrain them with a harness or put them behind a barrier. However, dog behaviors can be unexpectedly uncontrollable. You don’t want to deal with your dog’s behavior while trying to merge into the freeway at a speedy run.

If you have small dogs, keep in mind that they can easily interfere with your pedal operation and the bigger one can interfere with your steering ability. That is why to make sure your dog is safe inside your car while on the road and to protect yourself from any uncontrollable behavior of your pet, make sure you use a durable car pet barrier or a harness.

Ensure your Dog Has Everything He Needs

When tagging your dog along as you drive your car, ensure you have lots of water ready for him. Put the water in a container he can easily drink from. You want your dog to be hydrated especially if you want to be on the road on a hot day. Also, ensure you don’t leave him in your care to avoid the possibility of your pet to suffer from heat stroke.

Understand Challenging Dog Behaviors

Some dogs may get car sick or are scared of being inside a running car. But, others are too excited about the drive and can be quite noisy during the entire trip. In case your pet gets carsick, don’t take him on a drive with a full stomach. Also, make sure you take easy on turns as these can usually cause the condition. If your dog has that car phobia or over-excitement, give him stronger sedatives. Talk to your vet about medication options when your pet tends to have anxiety while on a travel. A professional dog trainer may be able to help you modify your dog’s uncontrollable behavior.