Useful Information on Pit Bull Terriers

Fiercely loyal, powerful and passionate, the pit bull terrier is an athletic, versatile and great companion. Exhibiting an unrelenting desire to please their masters, well-socialized and trained pitbull puppies can be incredibly loving family dogs.

In addition to being highly intelligent, they also make great protectors as they have an unbelievable ability to differentiate between an intruder and a friendly visitor. However, this does not necessarily make them excellent guard dogs they typically prefer stopping for a pet rather than barking if the visitor is a friend or neighbor.

You will also discover that pit bull that have been properly socialized and fed on the best dog food for pitbulls become gentle companions to all family members, even the young ones.

History of the Pit Bull Terrier

The past of the pit bulls attests how truly admirable this hybrid is. In the 1800s, Irish immigrants brought the pit bull’s ancestors to the US. It is a close relative to other bulldog breeds as well as the Staffordshire terrier.

The pit bull was highly valued for its versatility and was used for TV shows, World War I artwork and even for advertising with a shoe company that wanted to demonstrate its sturdiness and dependability. In many instances, it was used as an overall reliable farm and frontier dog. Only later was it bred for blood sports.

Appearance of the Pit Bull Terrier

Pit bulls are built like a Mack Track, stocky and heavy. They feature a deep, wide chest as well as a robust square jaw that attests power and toughness. The round eyes set between its strong cheeks come in a number of colors—so does its shiny coat that is short and thick. Healthy pit bulls weigh anywhere between 35-55 pounds, standing at a height of between 18 and 22 inches.

Maintaining the Pit Bull’s Good Health

In order to maintain the lifestyle, behavior and overall good health of the pit bull, it is important that you feed it the best dog food for pitbulls. As with other dog breeds, it is imperative that you provide the pit bull with high quality food for it have sufficient nutrition.

Your pit bull should also have plenty of exercise. Seeing as pit bulls are a greatly athletic dog breed, it is essential that you allow them to play and do fun activities that enable them to have a release for their energy. Lack of activity or too little of it results in boredom, which in turn results in undesirable behaviors, such as whining, digging and chewing among others.

In general, pit bull terriers are a fairly healthy breed because they are hybrids of other breeds and are therefore not prone to a number of health issues. All the same, pit bulls may experience some health problems, including hereditary cataracts and elbow and hip dysplasia.

This is all the more reason for you to make sure that, as you look for pitbull puppies to buy, you should consider only breeders that are well-established and reputable, breeders who have the dog’s best interest at heart.