What Are The Best Low Shedding Dog Breeds

Today’s post is written by Michelle from How To Clean Almost Anything.

Dogs bring fun, friendship and hair, often LOTS of hair! All dogs shed hair but not all dogs shed equally. If if you don’t want to spend your life vacuuming up dog hair from every surface of your home, then your best bet would be to choose a low shedding dog breed.

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a dog for your home. Aside from how much hair they shed you’ll need to think about how much space you have, how regularly you can exercise them, how much time you can devote to training them and whether you’ve got kids in the house. Once you’ve narrowed down the size of dog you think will suit your lifestyle, you can then look at which dogs shed the least.

Remember, even a low shedding dog will still produce some hair and a good quality pet vacuum (you can find some reviews here) will be a worthwhile investment. Dogs also require regular grooming regardless of how much hair they tend to shed.

Low Shedding Small Dogs

Maltese Terrier

These cute fluffy little dogs are a great option for families with kids. They don’t shed much hair and are super friendly and good with children.


Another cute fluffy option for families. Low on hair shedding and easy to look after.


Poodles are well known for their low shedding and tendency towards low allergy. The miniature and small poodle options make great small dogs with little to no hair loss. They do require regular grooming.

Low Shedding Medium Dogs


This one can be a bit hit and miss as labradors are big shedders but poodles are not. Check whether the parents were low shed to get an idea of whether the offspring will be.


These dogs make great guard dogs and are loyal pets. Even though their coat is long, it doesn’t shed much. They will require regular grooming.

Portuguese Water Dog

They dogs are fun, energetic, friendly, and clever. They might look like a hair disaster but their coats actually shed very little. As their name suggests, they LOVE water.

Low Shedding Large Dogs

Rhodesian Ridgeback

These large energetic dogs are a great option for those looking for an active dog that doesn’t shed much. They require lots of exercise so keep this in mind if you’re considering this breed.

Giant Poodle

Much like their smaller brothers, these dogs don’t shed hair in the traditional sense and are a great option for those with allergies.

Whatever dog you choose, remember that a dog is a pet for life. They require ongoing care, love and money so make sure you are emotionally, financially and physically ready for the commitment.