3 things that you MUST do when owning a dog

Everyone knows how awesome it is to own a pet and the love, companionship and fun they bring to the home. Although animals like cats, hamsters and rabbits all make amazing pets, many people still consider dogs as the premier choice. If you own a dog or plan to get one, it is key to know which things you must do when looking after them. This will keep them in great shape and make your life less stressful.

So, what are the 3 most essential things you should remember?

Take out suitable dog insurance

If there is one thing that is a real essential for all dog owners, taking out a dog insurance policy is it. This is because if your pet pooch was ever to fall ill or be involved in an accident, you want them to have the best care to recover. Vets bills can often be expensive though, which is where dog insurance helps.

These kinds of policies not only cover you against costly vets fees but also provide protection for canines with pre-existing conditions. If you take out a lifetime policy from a brand like Petsure, there are also no upper age limits or excess amounts included in the policy. Dog insurance is really important and avoids owners having to choose between paying for expensive treatment personally or not being able to get your dog the care it needs.

Regular exercise is a must

When it comes to the dos and don’ts of owning a dog, regular exercise is critical. All canines not only need regular walks but actually enjoy it. As is the case with humans, they really like being out in the fresh air and away from the same four walls.

Regular walks also help to keep them fit and give them the experience of being in the outside world. This can be very handy in terms of getting your dog used to being around other animals and also other people. The key thing to note is how much exercise your dog needs will depend on the breed. A Labrador or Golden Retriever for example will need more walks per day than a Chow Chow.

Give them plenty of love

Although it is very important to give your dog enough fresh water and food each day, it can be just as key to show them lots of affection. This is particularly essential for puppies, as it will help them to grow up trusting humans and to be good around people.

Of course, pets of any age need plenty of love and fuss too! Dogs are like humans in the fact they thrive on social interaction and being shown affection. For a happy, well-behaved and content pooch, therefore, make sure to spend time showing it how special they are. From engaging in playtime to giving it cuddles, this is a must for any owner.

If you own a dog or are about to buy one, there are some things which you must do. The above tips fall into this category and are something you simply cannot ignore. If you take them onboard when looking after your pet pooch, you should find you have a happy pet and all the cover you need should they fall ill.