Fun Activities You Can Try With Your Dog

Having a pooch means never getting bored. This is because all canines, whether big adult Dalmatians or small Bordoodle puppies, are a joy to have around. Dogs are so unpredictable that every day is always a wonderful experience. But sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to try something new with your best pal. If you want to turn your day from usual to awesome, see this list of fun things to try with your furball:

#1 Organise Regular Doggy Playdates

As early as three months old, your pooch should already be meeting other dogs as well as people. Otherwise, it can become easily stressed in unfamiliar environments or situations. By incorporating regular playdates in your dog’s life, you allow your pooch to get used to socialising. You, on the same hand, get to meet new friends who share the same passion for canines as you.

When organising a playdate, it is important to pick your location wisely. Make sure that the place you choose is fully fenced, not territorial, and safe for off-leash play. Additionally, invite pooches that are close in age and size to your dog to eliminate the risk of injury. Finally, always have treats at hand to encourage positive association when necessary.

dog sitting in front of campfire near body of water during daytime

#2 Have Your Dog’s Photo Taken by a Professional

Thanks to smartphones, anyone can now snap photos of their pooch whenever the moment presents itself. However, pictures that are taken from a phone usually aren’t the ones that end up printed and displayed in a frame. Given that dogs grow so fast, it is better to have their photos shot by a professional.

This is because pros have the training, equipment, and experience needed to turn a simple photo into a gallery-quality portrait. By understanding lighting, colours, and composition, they can make any photo look tasteful – even if it’s just a shot of your dog eating, sleeping, or playing. Also, some professionals include editing in their packages, which is even better if you are particular about details.

#3 Create a Social Media Account for Your Dog

Now that you have many photos of your pooch, you can start sharing them on social media. By creating an account for your dog, you not only document your pet’s everyday life but also keep track of every single moment. You can first add people you know to your friend’s list, and then start adding other people who share the same love for canines as you.

Aside from posting updates on your pooch’s life, you can also start a blog about it. Put into writing your daily experiences with your dog. Post photos of your adventures together, review its favourite doggy products, or share snapshots of its food for the day.

What’s great about having a social media account for your dog is that if it gains enough followers, it can become an instant celebrity. It then gets to be sponsored by canine merchandise companies that give out free treats, toys, and apparel, among many other goodies. Sometimes, these companies even provide the pooch’s family with free subscriptions and discount codes.

#4 Take Your Pooch to a Dog Show

Nothing will excite your dog more than watching another breed of its kind in action. This is why taking it to a dog show or event is a remarkable idea. Your pooch will not only enjoy seeing other canines show off their smarts and skills but also have a wonderful time interacting with vendors who are selling dog supplies.

Dog events are held all around Australia throughout the year. Aside from shows, there are festivals, parades, fairs, farmer’s markets, camping expos, caravans, and car boot sales. Simply check out different local community websites for a list of all dog events taking place near your area.

#5 Binge-Watch Dog Shows or Movies Together

Spend weekends snuggled up on your sofa with your pooch, watching television shows or flicks that have canines as protagonists. Try Lassie, Turner and Hooch, Marley and Me, Beethoven, and 101 Dalmatians. Believe it or not, many dogs enjoy watching TV and can even relate to the visuals and motions coming from it.

It is recommended that you watch shows or movies with dogs as characters because canines like to watch others of their kind. Bear in mind that pooches prefer looking at real animals to cartoons. They also see certain colours better on the screen, such as shades of yellows and blues.

If you aren’t sure if your dog is enjoying what it is watching, check its eyes and tail. When a pooch is interested, its eyes will follow the movement and its tail will wag happily.

#6 Go to the Beach

There is nothing like a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air that will have your furry friend smiling and excited. Take your dog to the beach and allow it to freely run in the sand and splash in the water. What’s great about it is that it is both fun and inexpensive.

On your day out, take your dog for a walk along the shore, letting it explore the surroundings. Then, take off its leash and play a game of fetch. If your pooch is a good swimmer and the waves aren’t too strong, let it catch a frisbee in the ocean. Finally, allow your dog to dive in the water.

Aside from playing and swimming, you can also try paddleboarding or riding on a kayak with your dog. When you’re both done with the activities, simply lay on the sand and catch some sun.

#7 Plan a Camping Trip

Do something different by taking your dog on your family camping trip. Luckily, there are many dog-friendly campsites all around Australia. You and your furball will be able to see the breathtaking landscapes as well as meet new friends.

To make the experience one to remember, incorporate dog-friendly activities into your itinerary. You can play outdoor games, like frisbee and fetch, or sit back and watch the sunrise or sunset. You can also hit the trails, having a savvy guide take you to the best spots. Finally, you can explore a nearby park so you can spend quality time with your canine companion.