Taking Proper Care of Your Pitbull Puppies

Even though pit bulls are wonderful family pets, they’ve had a bad rap throughout the country as a result of perceived aggressive behavior. The truth is that a number of dogs have been mistakenly identified as pit bulls when they are, in reality, unidentified mixed breeds or completely different breeds.

The pit bulls you see today were bred from terriers and English bull-baiting dogs for blood sports. It is essential to properly care for your pit bulls and feed them the best dog food for pitbulls in order to ensure that they is a good example of the hybrid.

Socializing your pit bull

Since pit bulls were originally bred to fight other dogs and animals, it is imperative that you socialize the pitbull puppies immediately. Begin socialization on a leash as these dogs have a strong prey instinct. Begin by teaching the dog to look at you on command by rewarding it every time it responds to you calling out its name.

Before letting it sniff another animal, wait for the puppy to respond to your commands and look at you. Positive interactions such as attempting to initiate play or sniffing should be rewarded with treats or praise. In case it elicits growls or barks, or gets too excited, place it in a time-out space until it is calm. Interactions should be positive and short.

Training your pit bull

In addition to proper socialization, pitbull puppies require consistent training in order for them to behave the right way. They can be quite energetic, pulling on the leash and jumping at company. For your dog to be exposed to other dogs early, begin by taking it to a dog training class.

Start all greeting on leash and never allow your pit bull to greet while jumping; after a while, the dog will learn to greet in a polite and calm manner. In case it pulls on the leash, stop walking, resuming and praising it only when it makes the leash loose by turning around. Positive training enhances your bond and lowers the likelihood of triggering aggressive behavior.

Exercising your pit bull

Since they are bred for activity, pit bulls have a lot of energy. You can control this by planning to exercise your pit bull for at least an hour daily, especially as an adolescent of six to eighteen months. Walking is a great exercise but pit bulls also enjoy running and chasing so allocate some exercise time to running, chasing a ball, and playing with other dogs.

Giving your pit bull such outlets for its energy ensures it is calm in the house.

Feeding your pit bull

Being a hybrid, the pit bull suffers few common health problems. Nonetheless, they are known to develop allergies, so it is important to feed it the best dog food for pitbulls. Protein-based diets are best; avoid grainy foods. Try switching the food in case the dog is scratching or chewing frequently. To avoid health problems such as elbow and hip dysplasia, make sure your pet’s diet and exercise and well balanced.