Tips On Using A Shock Barking Dog Collar

Although the shock barking dog collar is considered a humane form of treatment for training dogs not to bark, there are things you should know before committing to use one. The shock barking dog collar is a dangerous and cruel appliance if not used correctly and appropriately.

If you have a dog that barks extremely, before you go out and buy a shock collar, consider these things. You can also read the guide about dog shock collars guide, reviews and faq from Dog Colar Zone. Dogs will bark for basically three reasons. The first reason is as a response to something they consider an emergency. For example, if there is a stranger in your yard, your dog will bark. Secondly, they will bark as communications. Some dogs that live near other dogs will bark to each other as a form of communication. Lastly, they will bark for attention from you.

Before using a shock collar, as an owner, you should make sure you are doing everything you can to provide an appropriate atmosphere for your dog. If your dog is not getting enough exercise, he may bark excessively. If he needs to be fed more often, he may bark excessively. If he is kept in a space that is too small for him, he may bark excessively. If he can see strangers all day long from the yard, he may bark excessively. And, if there are noisy neighboring dogs, he may bark excessively.

All of these reasons for excessive barking are the owner’s responsibility to correct or live with. Dogs should not be reprimanded for simply being dogs. Owners have the responsibility of making sure the dog is taken care of emotionally and physically.

If you are confident you are taking care of your dogs every need, then you need to be sure you buy the appropriate collar for your dog. Buy the collar by weight. Do not necessarily go for the collar that is for your particular dog breed without checking out the weight. Dogs of similar breeds can vary in weight from ten to thirty pounds, so be sure you check the specifics as well.

Different collars offer different levels of shock voltage. Make sure you use the lowest effective voltage on your pet. Most collars will provide between three and nine volts of shock. Some collars will offer several different shock options. Newer collars are also offering a warning tone for dogs after they bark once. Many of the newer collars also have an automatic shut-off switch to prevent your dog from injury when excessively barking.

If your product comes with a video, make sure you watch it. Most come with a video, although some come with a manual. Either way, make sure you know how to use the collar to protect yourself and your dog form unnecessary injury. Most results from the collar take months. The dog may or may not respond to this training. Some dogs will become vicious and angry. When you take the risk by using a shock barking dog collar, you take the risk of changing your dog’s behavior in a negative way as well.