The Best Flea Treatments To Use For Your Pets

Even if your home and your pet is clean and spotless, fleas can still be a problem.

How To Treat Fleas

  • Treat your home and your pet if they have fleas. A flea can survive for months with a host.
  • Keep your pets bedding clean and vacuum your home regularly. This will help to destroy the fleas at each stage of their life.
  • Throw away the dust collected from your vacuum after each hoovering session.
  • Give your pet a flea treatment that has been recommended for them. There are a lot of different products out there that may not be suitable for your pet, so get a vets advice.
  • Regularly groom your pets with a flea comb to make sure all of the fleas and eggs have been removed.

Problems Fleas Can Cause

  • Fleas will make you and your pet really uncomfortable and itchy.
  • Pets and humans can be sensitive to flea saliva, which causes an allergic reaction.
  • Fleas feed on your pets blood. If you have a young or frail animal they can die from the blood loss.
  • If your pet eats a flea that has been infected with tapeworm, it then becomes the host to a whole new parasite. When you find out your pet has fleas you should treat them for worms also to be on the safe side.
  • Fleas carry a whole host of diseases, which they will pass on to your pets.

Fleas are very tenacious and can be very bad for yours and your pets health. If you are serious about treating fleas, you need to take repeated action over a few months to really get rid of them. If the gentler solutions aren’t working, then it’s time to get serious.

Another way of getting rid of a flea infestation in your home is to call in the professional pest controllers. I periodically use Catch It Pest Control to treat my pets bedding and carpets for fleas. They always solve the problem of fleas in a few treatments, and also tend to stop infestations from happening again for long periods of time.

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Check These Tips For Puppy Proofing Your Home

Long before you bring a puppy home, you have to consider a few crucial aspects. A dog is a long-term commitment, often extending over a decade. You would need to make time for the new family member, without any excuses. If you look around, you will find many kennels offering puppies for sale Boca Raton.  Once you find the right puppy to match your energy levels, the next step is about proofing the house. Puppies, irrespective of their breed, tend to be full of energy and curiosity. Unless you want trouble, keep a check on the tips below.

  • Eliminate trash. Puppies often look for things to play, and most of them would love to sniff trash cans and diaper bins. Make sure that everything is hidden in cabins with secure locks. Avoid anything that’s remotely edible, and don’t keep canisters or bottles in which the pup can put his head.
  • Check for electronic items. If you have loose wires and electronic gadgets on the floor, you might want to call an electrician to get them removed. In the teething phase, a pup can chew almost anything he finds, and you need to ensure that he isn’t around the wires or devices can cause a shock.

  • Keep loose things away. In many homes, bookshelves, craft supplies, and toys are kept close to the floor. Apart from sniffing, your puppy can pull out things you expect the least. The last thing you would want is a torn book. Take your time to keep baskets, bags, and books out of the way.
  • Hide your supplies and medicines. Cleaning agents, when swallowed, can be deadly for your pup. Check your home completely to find such supplies that are within reach. You also need to keep an eye on medicine boxes and toiletries.

  1. Close the staircases. You may need to buy a few small gates to restrict the entry of the puppy. You may find such small barriers on online stores, or else, local carpenters can customize the size to meet your door and staircase size.
  2. Don’t keep foods around. A lot of human foods are dangerous for dogs, including chocolate, onion, garlic and alcohol. Before bringing the dog home, take a look at all the possible places where you or your kid might keep food items.
  3. Check your furniture. Your new puppy will run around the room, and it is wise to check his movement ground. If you have rocking chairs or furniture with pointed legs and corners, you might want to remove them for a while. Remove carpets as you are likely to see more of pee and poop.

Finally, keep some time to monitor your puppy, at least for the first four weeks.  It may take a while to teach the basic commands, and unless you are consistent with your efforts, the whole training process can go wrong. If required, take the help of a professional trainer. You will also find a lot of resources online for understanding smaller aspects.

Author Bio – Luke Durante is known for his experience with different dog breed. As a renowned dog behavior expert, he has also worked with many blogs and websites.

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Modern Pet Ownership: The Best Apps to Help You Take Care of Your Pooch

Statistics estimate that up to a huge 47% of households in the US have a pet dog, with over 70 million dogs being pets. Commonly known as a ‘man’s best friend’ dogs are found in countless homes worldwide, with owners striving to give them the most loving care possible.

However, having a dog isn’t easy and requires lots of maintenance as well as money – especially if you have a puppy! The average first-year cost of owning a dog is $1,270 so, if you want an extra helping hand that won’t cost anything, below you’ll find some simple apps you can start using right away to help you take care of your beloved pooch!

Pet Coach

A great option for first-time dog owners who feel slightly overwhelmed by the new addition to the family, Pet Coach will become your no.1 resource for everything dog-related.

Offering advice on nutrition for a variety of dog breeds as well as behavioral patterns and what steps to take if your dog appears sick, Pet Coach will give you peace of mind that you’ll always have the important information on-hand without taking the time giving your local vet a call. Better still, this app is cat-friendly too! So, if you have dogs as well as cats in your home, Pet Coach has everything you’ll need to provide the right care.

Map My Walk

A major factor that makes dogs stand out against other pets is that they require daily walks – some breeds more than others. After researching how much walking your dog requires, Map My Walk is the perfect app for keeping tabs on your walks (and can even provide a useful workout resource too!).

Monitoring how far you walk with your dog, as well as the routes you choose to take, Map My Walk can also be a great resource for a hired dog walker if you don’t have time to walk your dog daily yourself. Better still, if you combine Map My Walk with Weather Live Free available now on Google Play, you’re able to keep track of the weather in real-time no matter where you are, making it much easier to choose the best time throughout the day to walk your dog.

Doggy BnB

Even if you have a dog, you shouldn’t feel restricted from going away on the occasional vacation or two. If you’re unable to take your dog with you, Doggy BnB is the next best thing. As its name would suggest, this app easily connects you with a network of like-minded, fully trusted dog sitters that you can contact at the simple click of a button.

Offering lovable care without the hassle and stress of taking your dog to the kennels, Doggy BnB is a worthwhile app to have if a vacation is on the cards.

Taking care of a dog can be stressful at times but, with the above apps, you have the power to make things much easier and happier for both yourself and your dog – at absolutely no cost!

Emma Bridge enjoys article writing and often jots down her thoughts and tips for an online audience as she writes about a range of lifestyle topics with a cup of tea close to hand!

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10 Ways To Stop Fleas Biting Your Pets

We love being outdoors with our pets, but we hate that they might get fleas because of it. So how can you keep your pets flea-free all year round? Here’s some tips you could use.

  1. Spot-on treatments – These treatments can cover the pets entire body, and are not affected by water. They kill and repeal fleas for several weeks before you need to reapply the treatment. Always read the label, and choose one that is suitable for your pets age and size.
  2. Oral medication – Using flea control tables will help in conjunction with spot-on treatments.
  3. Flea shampoo – Bathing your pets with specially medicated shampoo will kill fleas on contact, and will protect your pets during flea season. You will need to repeat the process more often, because they don’t last as long as medication and spot-on treatments.
  4. Flea collar – Flea collars effectiveness depends on how much the collar makes contact with your pets skin.
  5. Flea dip – This is not like a shampoo bath, so you won’t have to rinse off your pet after applying the dip product to your pets skin. These products are very potent, so always ask your vet if a flea dip is the right treatment for your pet.
  6. Powders and sprays – This is an inexpensive method of repelling fleas, although you will have to reapply them more often.
  7. Clean the house – If you have a flea infestation, you need to thoroughly clean the house daily until the situation is under control. Vigilant vacuuming will remove flea eggs and reduce the population of fleas in your house. If the problem persists, call the pest control experts.
  8. Sprays and foggers – These will kill adult fleas and eggs, but you may want to hire a professional exterminator to spray the house properly instead.
  9. Flea traps – Sticky pads are laid on the floor, and fleas become attached. This eliminates adult fleas from your home.
  10. Clear the garden – Keeping your garden consistently trimmed back will reduce the population of fleas around your home.

A vigilant pest insect control routine that is well maintained will keep your pets safe from fleas in your home.

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5 Fast Facts about Canna Pet Supplements in Detail!

Your pet’s wellbeing should be your prime concern, especially when it comes to choosing supplements and medicines for better health. If you follow the web, you must have heard about the use of CBD oil products for cats, dogs and other animals. Canna Pet is among the few companies that credited for making genuine hemp-used products for animals that are completely safe for use. Before you look for Canna Pet Review, here are some of the quick facts you need to know.

  1. Canna Pet makes whole-plant products, which are designed for dogs, cats and other animals. This is a completely safe option for pets and can be used alongside all kinds of other medications and diets. The products from Cannapet are free of animal products and preservatives and are completely vegan.
  2. Canna Pet offers both liquids and capsules that are known to work instantly for dogs, faster than a lot of oher options in the market. The products from the company have been studied by major veterinary journals and universities and found to be useful.
  3. All the products contain a vast range of phytochemicals, including over two dozens of cannabinoids and terpenes beyond CBD. Recommended by vets around the world and covered by some of the leading pet insurers, the products are completely safe for use.
  4. The products from Canna Pet are non-psychoactive and are not medical marijuana, contrary to what most people believe. The company only uses organic and non-gmo hemp from leading suppliers in Europe, and the products are manufactured in the USA. One can get access to Canna Pet supplements minus a prescription, and the purchase is completely legal. Special attention has been taken for the formulation, complete done in USA phytochemistry laboratories.
  5. The use of Canna Pet products extends to a number of conditions, including anxiety, arthritis, allergies, cancer, digestive issues, seizures and inflammation. In many cases, the product can be used for relief from pain and homeostasis. It must be noted that the products have been studied by leading universities and journals and the results have been extremely positive.

There are some amazing websites, like, where one can find detailed reviews of Canna Pet. Try understanding the use and dosage before you use any medical supplement and make sure that the manufacturer is a known one, just like Canna Pet. Your pet often needs a little more than medication, and you can look for that in this brand!


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Benefits of Dog Insurance You Didn’t Know About

If you love your dog, you probably want it to have a happy life. For a dog, a happy life means a healthy one. If you get pleasure out of taking good care of your pup, you might be interested in insurance for your dog. You might already know some of the benefits covered by insurance for your dog. For instance, you might know that medical and vet visits are covered, usually accompanied with low copays and other ways for you to save money in the event of an emergency, such as if your dog needs surgery or even breaks a leg and needs a cast.

However, you might not know that insurance for your dog can also cover a lot of other things. If you’re on the fence about insurance for your dog, you should know about these kinds of benefits so that you can take advantage of them by taking out an insurance policy that covers things that can really help you and your pup stay happy and healthy.


Did you know that in some cases, pet insurance in Australia can cover boarding and kennel expenses? Now, while these boarding costs might have to be related to surgeries and other medical things, for instance if your pet needs to stay with the vet for a few days for observation, you can still get these boarding costs covered at least partially, and in some cases you don’t have to worry about paying at all for the cost of keeping your dog at the vet for a few days when needed.

Tick Treatment

Dogs love to run around in the grass, and sometimes they can pick up ticks on their legs. Ticks are harmful bugs because they can hurt your pup and make it feel sick. However, some insurance policies can actually cover tick treatment up to a certain amount so that in the instance that your dog needs to be treated because it picked up a tick on the leg or the belly, you won’t have to worry about the money.

Cover for Travel

Suppose you take a trip to New York or Europe and you need to bring your dog with you. What happens if your dog gets sick or injured while you’re overseas or out of the country? You might not know what to do, and you’re already spending a lot of money to travel, so it can be stressful if something like this happens while you’re far away from the local vet. Fortunately, some insurance policies actually cover vet bills while you’re overseas or out of the country. In some cases, they’ll cover as much as 80% of your vet bills so you don’t have to worry about being broke because your dog is sick while you’re away from home.

These kinds of insurance are great to have, and if you are interested in getting insurance for your dog, you should get online and check out local Australian plans that can give you and your dog all of these benefits and more.

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Going to A Vet for the First Time

If you have just brought a pet home, you will need to take your pet to a vet after a few weeks or so. Going to a vet is essential in the beginning because the vet will inject the animal, and also carry out a medical check-up, to ensure that the animal is healthy and active. Whether you own a dog or a cat, you can expect a lot of trouble when going to the vet. First of all, you should know that new animals take a little bit of time in order to get acquainted with their surroundings. If you take your pet to the vet’s clinic without proper preparation, your pet will be scared, and it may put a serious dent in your relationship with the animal. Here are a few ways to prepare your pet for a trip to the clinic.

Get Friendly

As mentioned above, pets take a little bit of time to adjust to their surroundings. For a few weeks, you should just spend as much time as possible with your pet. It doesn’t matter if the animal doesn’t let you touch or pet him/her just yet. Simply being in the animal’s company will make them feel that you aren’t going to hurt them. This will help build trust and, slowly and gradually, your animal will become friendlier towards you. You can click here for more information about how to prepare your animal.

Go to an Experienced Vet

You can find experienced Ku Ring Gai vet staff from Gordon Vet, one of the best veterinary clinics in the Ku Ring Gai region. Experienced vets know how to handle different kinds of animals. It’s only natural for the cat or dog to freak out when they enter the vet’s clinic. Of course, the vet will want to touch the animal and carry out a thorough medical inspection. Experienced vets know how to handle different types of animals. If your animal is hyper, an experienced vet will know how to calm it down and make the animal relax.

Stay Close

When you go to the vet’s clinic with your pet, keep in mind that yours is be the only friendly face that the animal has seen. They will remain cautious with everyone else. Therefore, it’s best to stay as close to your animal as possible. This is one of the reasons why vets allow pet owners to remain in the room while they treat or perform medical check-ups on the animal. Your mere presence is going to serve as a calming effect for the animal, and make it easy for the vet to administer medication and carry out their job.

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Selecting the best Pet Cremation Option

Which side you decide to go when it’s time to state good-bye for your beloved pet? Many people goes for their reliable Pet Care Provider who’ll hopefully usher them through this crossroads of emotion and making decisions with love, support and dignity.

Surprisingly, this isn’t frequently the situation. Lately after i selected up my dogs in the grooming salon, the dear lady distributed to me that whenever she lost her newest dog, her husband handled all the making decisions as she only agreed to be too emotional. After working nearly $350.00, it switched out he had mistakenly purchased full of cremation and for that reason this couple never did get the ashes of the beloved pet. He was relayed through his Pet Care Provider “don’t be concerned, we’ll take proper care of everything this is actually the option many people choose…” He’d assumed, incorrectly, he could be receiving his pets ashes in exchange.

While pet cemeteries happen to be obtainable in many communities, funeral inside a pet graveyard could be a very costly option. Many can always decide to bury their pet within their back forty but many communities are in possession of very strict health department zoning limitations on pet funeral. Today families have grown to be more mobile and could desire the opportunity to place their family pet’s remains together once they re-locate or they might feel at ease with an obvious, tangible memorial for his or her beloved pet. Each one is reasons that increasingly more pet proprietors are selecting cremation and as much as 70 % of individuals proprietors are selecting to get their pets ashes following the cremation. Just ten years ago only 25 % chose this method to get the ashes back after cremation.

Understanding that cremation is the choice isn’t the last part of this decision. Many pet proprietors don’t realize, as my poor dog groomer didn’t, there are several choices for that pet cremation and deconstructing these options and the range of terms being used of these options is an essential part of the pet cremation choice. Pet cremation usually falls within three primary groups mass cremation, individual cremation and cremation.

Mass or Communal Cremation – As it would seem this is actually the cremation of numerous creatures previously, inside a single cremation session. Pet cremators (the particular pet cremation equipment) can be quite large having a capacity of countless hundred to a lot of money of weight. The creatures incorporated inside a mass cremation will come from a number of clinics, pet shelters, etc so when the cremation session is finished the ashes are collected and brought off to be discarded through the crematory company, generally within their private landfill. This method ought to be the least costly choice for your pet owner and it is a sanitary and decent method to get rid of your pet if retaining the ashes isn’t preferred.

Individual Cremation – The person cremation is an origin of much confusion for pet proprietors and frequently naive Pet Care Provider staff. Individual cremation only denotes the ashes which are came back towards the dog owner usually are meant to be just the ashes of the beloved pet. Generally by having an individual pet cremation, your pet is tagged having a metal tag and placed inside their own individual metal tray inside the cremator. Based upon the level of the specific cremator there might be many creatures within one session, nevertheless the creatures are identified and separated. Once the session is finished, the ashes within every individual tray are processed, bagged, and prepared to become shipped to your pet Care Provider or individual dog owner with respect to the circumstance of their arrival towards the crematory. Many pet proprietors think that a person cremation implies that their pet was cremated in one session alone after which returned for them like a be certain that these ashes are their pets ashes alone. The only method to make certain that’s the situation is by using the next option and that’s the Private or Observed Private Cremation.

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Get ready for Your Pet Sitter!

Whether you are a new comer to pet sitting and have had exactly the same great pet sitter for a long time, these five tips can help your pet sitting experience get better because of you, your pets, as well as your pet sitter.

1. Ask that your dog sitter phone you around the first visit. You need to make certain she or he began your dog sitting as arranged. Frankly, we are all human. It is possible that you simply were searching in the September calendar, and not the October calendar, whenever you gave your dog sitter your travel dates. Or maybe pet sitter was driving when she got your message to begin this Friday, and she or he accidentally authored lower next Friday. To prevent any chance of a miscommunication, ask that your dog sitter call for your first scheduled visit – if without other reason rather than just let you know she’s in your home, the spare key labored fine, as well as your pets do great. If you do not listen to your sitter around the first visit, then call the sitter or even the pet sitting company immediately. Don’t allow days pass before talking to your dog sitter.

2. Replenish your dog supplies prior to going out of town. Some pet sitters are pleased to visit your pet store that you should get pet food or litter, it might take a while based on their pet sitting schedule. You won’t want to risk your pets being without their normal make of food or their most favorite treats for lengthy. Plus, most pet sitting services charge $10 to $20 for that visit to the shop. If you’re running have less supplies and therefore are inside a hurry to get away from town, then provide your sitter a fast call several hrs before her scheduled trip to offer her additional time to obtain your supplies.

3. Omit a pen along with a new roll of sponges for the pet sitter… possibly even a pad of paper if you want some cute notes regarding your pets upon coming back home. I can not let you know the number of occasions I had been finished taking proper care of Fido and Fifi and it was prepared to write my pet care report after i recognized I left my pen within the vehicle… or inside my previous pet sitting visit. You do not need your sitter rummaging using your kitchen drawers searching for any pen, so leave a pen around the counter. You will have a nice report regarding your pets when you are getting home. Also, your sitter ought to be wiping your counters clean after preparing your dog’s food, and she or he ought to be eliminating your pet dishes, so omit a complete roll of sponges with this service. By doing this, you are able to steer clear of the chance that the best guest towels are utilized to dry and clean your dog bowl. Plus, watch out extra countertops cleaned!

4. Purchase a lamp timer and, if at all possible, leave the leading light on for the sitter. Light timers are an easy way to supply a resided-in review your home when you’re away. You are able to set the timer to possess lights continue from, say, 7:00 to 11:00pm, certainly inside the time period your sitter is going to be in your home for that evening visit. A great idea only for the safety of your house, but it’s also very useful for the sitter. It’s really a daunting task entering a house without any porch light on with no lights on inside, particularly if Fido listens to you rattling your keys in front door looking for the keyhole. If he will get too upset, your dog sitter could have a harder time entering your house. In case your first scheduled pet sitting visit reaches night, then leave your front porch light on for the sitter he’ll be more than pleased to power it down as he leaves for that evening.

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Must I Make use of a Pet Relocation Service?

There are lots of details to consider proper care of when being prepared for pet travel with an approaching trip. Must I fly or drive with my four-legged friend? What are the pet friendly hotels where we are going? Have I packed everything he will need? It’s very essential that things are taken proper care of in advance to make certain he’s a stress-free adventure.

What if your small business is relocating your family across the nation, or perhaps overseas? Are you ready to consider that chance and move somewhere that’s warm throughout the year? Arranging a move is a lot more of the daunting task than planning for a trip. Packing, finding your brand-new home, selling your old home, obtaining the kids signed up for a brand new school, address changes – their email list really is limitless. Not to mention, you need to make all of the plans for the family’s closest friend to maneuver along with you.

It may be very overwhelming.

If your move is within your future plus you’ve got furry family people, a dog moving service can be a wise decision for you personally. They handle all the information on having your pet for your new residence secure.

How Do You Select a Pet Moving Company?

Your dog matters cargo you will not trust just anybody to maneuver your pet 5,000 miles or perhaps 5 miles. How you need to recognise the business to believe? Thankfully, the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) began in 1979 “to supply professional, competent and caring pet transportation moving services through the USA and round the world.” This network consists of professional pet shippers who’re registered using the USDA (U . s . States Department of Agriculture) and follow the rules and rules from the USDA’s Animal Welfare Act. You will find a reliable pet moving service by going to IPATA’s website.

Bear in mind that the organization you train with doesn’t need to maintain your present city or perhaps in your brand-new destination. Once you start narrowing lower which IPATA people you are interested when controling, jot lower a summary of questions you have concerning the pet moving process. Here are a few essential things to inquire about:

– What exactly are your procedures and policies?

– Are you currently insured and licensed?

– How lengthy are you currently transporting pets?

– What exactly are your charges? Would be that the total price? – How would you make sure that my pet will get given and it has enough water?

– What supplies must i pack with my pet?

As you are interviewing the businesses, they must be pleased to answer any and each question you’ve. Be sure to request testimonials from happy and satisfied proprietors who’ve used that company’s service. When creating your choice, you need to feel positive about their abilities – they’re coping with special member of the family. They Create simple to use – IPATA’s pet moving people are experts in organizing door-to-door service for the pet. You don’t have to deal with the travel plans since it is all taken proper care of for you personally. Pet moving professionals be aware of best airlines to utilize, probably the most reliable get and delivery services, in addition to all of the rules and limitations surrounding transporting creatures (so when these rules change).

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